Monthly Archives: February 2008

Shoes to Die For….

I have been worried about the women who are buying the skyscraper high wedgies all over town, all over the country and the western world. Today, I took my ritual Madison Avenue walk from 55th Street up to 80th Street and back down without a charge card or a dime. It is such a freeing […]

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The Good, the Bad and the Googled

As “The Gypsy” My husband was my protector. When he died some time ago, a group of men I knew years ago, but was never ever close to, Googled me and became my stalkers via email. I ignore them but they don’t give up. They have the sort of dreams women supposedly have. They make […]

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Quick Fix in N.Y.C.

Sweet New York City Valentine’s Day Tip: the swellest candy according to my friends who actually eat candy is Debauve & Gallais. Just a visit to the shop at 20 East 69th Street will put you into a Harry Winston swoon. But the really cool creative rave in candy is Mr. Chocolate on Amsterdam Avenue […]

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Age, Sex and the Sometimes Single Girl

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JOAN: This is February 2nd, 2008. Saturday. We are sitting in the space ship of Mary Wells, hovering over NYC. It is Liz Smith’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Liz. How old are you? LIZ: I am only 85 years old, and I don’t believe it myself. JONI: I am 65 years old and I wish I […]

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