Monthly Archives: November 2008

Mary Wells Says Good-bye to the ‘Yes We Can’ Spirit

I will miss the spirit of “Yes We Can,” all those young electric eyes, the young unpaid workers that joined from all over, seeing a well-structured campaign, seeing a married couple so happily in touch with each other, seeing so many people’s dreams and hopes unzipped, revealed and riding high.

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Mary Wells Reports to wOw From Europe on November 4

I will be in Europe. I am almost always there for presidential elections even though it is much more interesting and exciting to be in the United States and feel you are part of elections. In Europe people assume I know every intimate thing about U.S. candidates and some of their questions are hilarious but […]

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Tom Brokaw on Marriage, Drugs and His Favorite People

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Julia Reed sits down with Tom Brokaw to discuss his new book Boom! and more. Though Tom Brokaw retired after 21 years as the anchor of NBC Nightly News four years ago, he is still among the hardest-working men in television. In the wake of the death of his friend Tim Russert, he has taken […]

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Why Would Mary Wells Move to a Hotel?

I would move to a hotel room where the Internet was working. I don’t think it is relaxing to be without the Internet working – for me it is frustrating.

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