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The Love Goddess: Sexual Gossip

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Editor’s Note: Who is the wisest of them all? Who is more dedicated to your pleasure than anyone on earth? Who can help you when you’re going online for the first time to find love; or when your lover’s children hate you; or when you want to strangle your husband? Why, the Love Goddess, of […]

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Mary Wells Hopes the Angry Don’t Tune In

They are corny, aren’t they? From an old world. America can’t afford a corny old-world celebration (even though Obama is an idea worth celebrating). What will the First Lady will wear? Is that exciting? Going from one celebration or star-hosted party to another to see who is there — is that a thrill? Think of […]

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Mary Wells: The Human Toll of a Recession

Considering the vast worldwide fortunes lost and the desperation growing all around us, I think it is surprising there are so few suicides. Suicide is usually a form of craziness, temporary or clinical and predictable. Stress from financial handcuffs and the pain one may have given to so many others would stimulate suicidal depressions, so […]

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The Road to Love? Not Always Direct, by Mary Wells

I had  been a child actress and had attended the Neighborhood Playhouse and Carnegie Tech’s drama school and it was assumed by my family that I would continue in the theater. But while waiting for my husband to graduate I needed to earn a living, and the woman running the advertising department of a retail […]

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Mary Wells: Why I Care About Hillary Clinton and Other Thoughts on America’s First Ladies

I have only known a few. Writers disagree about First Ladies of past years. I would love to have known Mrs. Adams because, as almost all research suggests, she had it all. And I would have loved to know Eleanor Roosevelt, who must have been full of beans and just naturally powerful – I would […]

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