Monthly Archives: August 2009

Financial Analyst Jean Chatzky Dissects the Financial Woes of Annie Leibovitz

Editor’s note: An award-winning journalist, author and motivational speaker, Jean Chatzky needs no introduction. As a financial editor for NBC’s “Today Show,” Chatzky offers savvy advice on managing money and wealth. Her latest book, The Difference, provides simple strategies for a prosperous financial future. Visit her blog at I’m sure you’ve read this news. […]

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Mr. wOw’s Very White Moment

There is nothing even remotely funny in the Professor Gates, Policeman Crowley, President Obama drama that has played out over the past two weeks. This incident and the rise-again of the infamous “birther” conspiracy aficionados – cluelessly helped along by the likes of Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow, who are supposed to be on Obama’s […]

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