A New Kind of Monte Carlo, by Mary Wells

Courtesy of Mary Wells

I am sitting in the Metropole Hotel in Monte Carlo in the same chair on the same day as I have for three years. Outside my window, masses of birds are flying by – South – as they have each year. They always group-fly as if in panic at the thought of being trapped here in the winter. Before they were just another noisy group. But this year is different. It is quiet here. Friends tell me that few came to the Grand Prix races and even the Cannes Festival was not its wonderful crazy self. There were Russians but they didn’t stay long this year. There were a few rich Australians and Brazilians, but the Americans and English were much missed here. November is usually a fun time in Monte Carlo after most of the South of Europe has closed until Christmas. But it is too quiet this year. And those birds have it right. Life is changing. Maybe that’s good but right now I want to flap some wings and fly with the birds.

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