Mary Wells and Her Travel Witch

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They don’t call me Gypsy for nothing. The advertising business sent me traveling and I haven’t stopped. The reason why is a novel and I am going to write it someday. But what I need to tell you today is that I have a travel Witch who goes with me everywhere. When we were younger she was cute. Now she’s grumpy and she thinks if she makes me grumpy I will stop traveling. I am in Geneva now after London after Rome after places you never heard of on the Adriatic side of Italy after Montenegro (I’m going to tell you all about those places too but not today) and I started this journey in Vancouver. I am so happy to start a journey. Then the Witch goes to work. When I pack luggage, one important jacket always goes missing. When I lift the suitcases in hotels to take them to the door one always falls and gashes my left ankle. (It was my left leg that lost its skin when I had the boat accident and the re-grown skin is fragile so the Witch always leans to the left.) When I carry purchases in paper totes they always nip my left leg and leave a bruise. In spring the Witch blows froths of baby leaves at me so that I will be sure to get an allergy and sneeze through every single day. In summer she hides sunglasses and hats and sees to it my hotel has terrifying full-length mirrors. In fall I am always someplace freezing cold and always have to replace that missing jacket so when I get home and the lost one instantly appears it has been suggested I start up a jacket blog to sell them all and I may. If the weather is dry my nails break. If the weather is humid my nails go soft. I know what is happening. My Witch is more powerful than Nature. You think I am exaggerating. Ask the friends who travel with me. I have a travel Witch. I hope that this story will make my Witch feel famous and she will leave me for YouTube.

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