Mary Wells Is Home

While sailing around British Columbia I fell in love, first with a whale called Ruffles, 59 years old and still going strong in every way, and then with Vancouver and its sea-green glass towers with their feet almost in the clean and clear sea-green sea – edged by a beautiful green park. And just across the way, almost close enough to touch, blue mountains with glacial-white tops even in summer. Vancouver has been discovered: One of the most fabulous Ritz-Carltons is going up in the middle of town along with three other wondrous hotels – all designed by the architects everybody is worshiping these days – and there are almost as many good restaurants as in New York. Just as I began to write all about it for you I fell in love again, with a small apartment overlooking the whole thing – and I bought it. I love living on a boat. But this is another adventure.

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