Summer Sailing with Mary

Our gypsy, Mary Wells Lawrence, enters Capri on her boat, the Strangelove, with its wowOwow flag waving!

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  1. avatar Manuel and Teresa Da Silva says:

    Dear Mrs. Lawrence,
    Teresa and myself are so happy to see that you continue to travel the world and enjoying your life so much.
    We still think a world of you and love you as much as when we were at La Fiorentina working for you. I think this is really a “Strangelove” we still have for you. Whatever you do, whereever you go it’s always a great adventure and full of great living enchantement. May God protect you whereever you go and whatever you do.
    We are planning to be in our studio in Beaulieu sur Mer in September this year, if it happen that you and your wonderfull boat are in the Beaulieu harbor we would lobe to see you.
    Have a great and safe summer. May God bless you and all your loved ones.
    With love
    Manuel and Teresa Da Silva
    PS: We are moving to New York beguining October.

  2. avatar Linda says:

    They say ignorance is bliss, I can understand that – though really that picture is bliss!!!! Amazing how a body of water is so timeless, and the mind could only imagine the history of the location. Love it!