17 Breakups That Broke our Hearts

wOw mourns some of the biggest and most heartbreaking celebrity splits of our time.

Tears, tantrums, swollen eyes and broken hearts – and that was how we felt when these pairs parted ways! From the couples that once sang together to the couples that laughed together to the couples that cycled together, these 17 splits from the last few decades taught us that breaking up is, indeed, hard to do.



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  1. avatar Bonnie O says:

    I wonder if I am the only one who only recognizes a few of the couples listed here?

    The only shocker that I could name would be the Tipper & Al Gore marriage.  I have a feeling that something happened to Al Gore after he lost the presidential election.  Something more than despair.  A likeable guy became obsessed and most obsessed people become boorish.

    As for the Diana & Charles marriage, most of us became wise to the fact that Charles did not marry for love.  He even told everyone so in the hamhanded comment he made “what ever love is”.  Another boorish man.

    My addition to the list would be for my late mother who was very unhappy when Lucy & Desi divorced.  She truly mourned their separation.  My sister thought the Elvis & Priscilla marriage would last forever and she was disappointed when it did not.  As for me … Ted & Joan Kennedy surprised me but I do not think it was a great surprise to others;  his dallying was still kept a secret in most of the media.

  2. avatar Belinda Joy says:

    I’m kind of happy Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon broke up, now I have a shot at him! 🙂

    I know, I know….not gonna happen. 🙁

  3. avatar D C says:

    I’m confused about the blurb for Turner & Fonda.  “Aerobics queen turned actress…???”  What?  I’m pretty sure she was an actress first.  They must have the junior editors working on this

    • avatar BeanCounter says:

      darling, put on your glasses.   the word is ACTIVIST.   Remember?  HANOI JANE?  

  4. avatar SMALL TOWN GIRL says:

    The only one that me sad on this list was Sonny & Cher

  5. avatar Rho says:

    The one that really got to me was Tipper and Al Gore.  Very hard for me to believe.

  6. avatar Simply Me says:

    Breakups are sad, BUT!, let’s celebrate the few couples who have maintained their togetherness for decades.  That is a MUCH harder thing to do.  Soooooo, let’s hear it for Miss Lily and Miss Jane!

  7. avatar BeanCounter says:

    None of these broke my heart.   and really?  Ryan Gosling’s marriage in the same story as Sonny & Cher, and Charles/Diana??????  

  8. avatar Kathy says:

    Yeah, I’m still just heartbroken about Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry.  Now, who again is Gabriel Aubry?