9/11 Remembered

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  1. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    It was without doubt the worst day of my life and part of each day of my life every day since but ten years later I finally just prefer not to talk about that day except to say it was without doubt the worst day of my life.  The sadness of that day is, ten years later, made even more sad by the realization that instead of uniting us, both as a people and as a country, it seems to have divided us. Perhaps by design. Which makes it even more sad. We are not innocent and I made the comment that afternoon that evil had collided with evil and I still feel that way – instead of addressing the anger behind the act we have, it seems, only added to the anger. We are hated by so many. Perhaps at some point someone will finally stop to think about why they do. 

  2. avatar Jody says:

    “It’s time to re-enlist as citizens’, Tom Brokaw.

    That explains how I feel about it. Ten years later, it’s time to change the tide. America, it is time reclaim our power!

    I know there will be those that completely disagree with me here. That’s okay. I believe it’s time to pick ourselves up from this wreckage and move forward in a positive direction as a united America. It was a horrific day, yes. But, it is time to stop being stuck in the past. We need to take the responsibility upon ourselves and create a better, stronger America. We can do it! As Americans, we have faced adversity from the inception of this amazing country. This is no different. Lamenting over the day will only serve those who tried to harm us permanently. Let us rejoice in the idea of our ability to rise above it. Let us take back our power. Let us create a stronger America… not just for Americans, but for the entire world. We can do it! We have proven it many times over. Stand up… re-enlist as an active citizen of the USA and be involved in your local, State, and National Governments. Together, we can BE the change!

    God, I love this country. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

  3. avatar Rho says:

    Hard to believe it’s 10 years, seems like yesterday.  We went on, and always will.

  4. avatar Rho says:

    I know I posted something here.  Where did it go?  It wasn’t nasty. I was just reflecting on that day. 

  5. avatar Rho says:

    Sorry, I see my first post now.

  6. avatar Rho says:

    Once again, don’t see my posts.  Why????

  7. avatar Marlo Thomas says:

    As the tenth anniversary of September 11th draws closer, I wanted to understand what the past decade has been like for those most personally affected by this tragedy. So, I sat down with some of the daughters of the victims of 9/11 and had some amazing conversations. And I learned an invaluable lesson:

    America, you need to listen to your daughters.

    There are people who look at 9/11 with fear, bitterness and anger. These women look at it with hope. They’re tough. They’re brilliant. They’ve turned what was a personal tragedy into an opportunity to make this world a better place — and I hope we can all be inspired by what they’re accomplishing.

    To read my piece, head here: http://huff.to/DaughtersOf911
    I hope you’ll consider sharing it with your friends and on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    And as the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, I hope you are able to mark it in a meaningful way.


    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      Talking to Anne, Alexandra and Susan reminded me that the real beacons in our lives are always there: our neighbors, our friends, our citizens and our daughters — the tough ones, the smart ones, the compassionate ones. They have fought the anger and ideas of vengeance, choked back their tears and ten years later they are lighting the way to finding a peaceful and productive future. All we have to do is listen.


      I have often wondered whether we would have gone to war had the decision been left to the families and friends of those who died on 9/11 and in my heart of hearts I know that we would not have.  It was and is so difficult to move beyond the anger.  But we ask ourselves what those we lost would have done with the anger. And know that they would have moved beyond it and asked us to as well. An eye for eye sometimes results in the loss of two innocent eyes.

      We do go on. We do try to make the world a better place. For everyone. That is how we honor those we lost.  Hard to do at times when so many simply want vengeance.  Which dishonors those we lost.

      • avatar Baby Snooks says:

        One of the wonderful things about Islam is the concept of the victim deciding the fate of the victimizer. A concept perhaps we could all learn from with regard to 9/11. 

        A young woman in Iran was blinded by an attacker. The courts ruled he would be blinded as well.   An eye for an eye. The young woman decided he would not.  That is justice.  Which is different from vengeance.

  8. avatar Rho says:

    Thank you Marlo.  I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, but will share this with my friends.

  9. avatar Chris Glass` says:

    I was listening to NPR earlier this month and heard 9 11 referred to as the Pearl Harbor of our time frame. In some ways it fits the situation because it was a life changing event for most of us. There was the before reality of casually buying a last minute ticket to fly and the scrutiny of post 9 11 with pat downs and back scatter body images.

    It created fear in places where none used to exist. It hit home for those of us who knew some of those who lost their lives not just in the twin towers and planes but overseas. The images of that day can never be erased from those who saw them.

    We can’t let this atmosphere of created fear steer the rest of our lives. We have to rebuild our society so we can all focus on what is right about our country. If we give up all of our freedoms for the sake of safety we have effectively put ourselves in a jail of our own making.

  10. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    I spent the day watching the History Channel which presented stories of the survivors. There seemed from time to time to be an underlying anger over the lies told us all about it all. Until we address the lies I doubt there will be any real healing of that moment that day that affected all of us. We have sadly become the very thing we have always fought against.  Because of the lies.

  11. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    And I was so offenced by George W Bush comparing the victims of 9/11 to the soldiers who los their lives in the Civil War and his implying that somehow the victims of 9/11 had sacrificed their lives for freedom – the victims of 9/11 were sacrificed for the “millions of lives for billions of barrels” policy of his father which were continued by him, by Bill Clinton, and now have been continued by Barack Obama. We are a shameful nation.  We do not stand for what we once stood for. That is the truth behind what has unfolded the past ten years. We have become our own enemy.