An Invitation from Whoopi

Answer wOw’s Question of the Week and win tickets to my new Broadway show!

I know, I know. Me again. But this time, I’m here to invite my sisters in the wOw community to win two free tickets to “Sister Act” on Broadway! All you have to do is give your most creative answer to wOw’s Question of the Week: What’s the one thing you’re better at than anyone else? (And take it from me: everyone has something!) Click here to participate (submit your answer in the comments section) and check this space next Wednesday, April 13, when we’ll announce the winner.

Trust me: you’re gonna love this show.

xo, Whoopi


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45 Responses so far.

  1. avatar annieb603 says:

    i am better than anyone else at being a loyal fan!!!  when the evil empire that is the new york yankees had us down 3 games to 1 in 2004, i am the only person i know who believed that the red sox would come back, beat the bronx bombers and go on to win the world series!!!  AND WE DID!!!!  i never give up, i never turn off the game, i never leave the park early!!!  i was born a red sox fan, and i will die a red sox fan, and no one or no thing could ever change my fierce and undying loyalty to the greatest baseball team in the history of time!!!  i am red sox nation, and i believe!!!!!

  2. avatar loribna says:

    I am great at assisting others to help others

  3. avatar MaryPetersonToo says:

    The one thing that I’m better at than anyone else…picking rocks. AKA, soil groomer, an obsission necessary while while gardening and Landscaping. 

  4. avatar Laurie Deer says:

    The one thing I am better at than anyone else is being ME.  It’s that simple.  I am the best when I am just me:  as woman, a mother, a wife, a sister and a friend.  No one can do it better than me quite honestly.

  5. avatar judib says:

    Im the best painter I know! Plus i love Whoopi the best! 🙂

  6. avatar AnnetteNYC3 says:

    I am the BEST at being ME!! There’s no one better than can be me. Of Course I’m not perfect just a little broken (physically-medically) but I do not let that keep me down. I’ve been with my husband for 19 yrs and I’m a mom of three (ages 11, 6 and 2) I don’t allow my disability stop me from being the BEST mom (or ME) that I can be. Am I the best mom? Nahhhhh….I doubt it but according to my kids there’s no one better than me. That’s good enough for my heart!

  7. avatar mauradega says:

    I am beter than anyone else at being positive.I always try to have a smile on my face , even in the hardest situations.
    Positive mental attitude(pma) is something that I learned at a sales seminar in my 20’s. I just turned 50 and I   PMA is always on my mind. I try to make negative things into positive and I belive it has helped me get through tough times and look foward to even better times.. 

  8. avatar RitaMaria says:

    I am excellent at making people feel important and welcome in my home.  It isnt big or fancy, but I love to hear people say they are comfortable here! 

  9. avatar sandyk says:

    I am better than most for the gift of putting people at ease when they are with me and they can let their hair down and be themselves:)

  10. avatar gee49 says:

    I can smile more then anyone .My smile will put a smile on your face .. If you want a challange let me know..:)

  11. avatar Katiecraft says:

    The one thing I do better that anyone else is make lemonade! Life has handed me so many lemons that I have become a master mixologist! I can, and have, done it all! I I have been homless on the streets of New York, but I didn’t let that keep me down.  As a single mom, I have raised a beautiful son and daughter while working three (and sometimes four) part-time jobs to put myself through college, graduating at the age of 42 with a B.A. and an Honors degree, all from my wheelchair.  I have been blessed with beautiful children and grandchildren who are strong and independent, and I have great friends, all of whom love me.  I have delivered pizzas, been a cab driver, and addressed the US Congress and the state legislature of Arizona.  As the big-six-oh bears down on me, I have new challenges everyday but I will continue making lemonade as long as I possibly can.

  12. avatar says:

    I am the Queen of knowing when to pull the boot straps up and start walking. I can sense trouble, a line of bullshit and a fool with my “oh no you don’t” radar.
    It’s kept me healthy, in charge of my own finances and a survivor with very little skid marks.

  13. avatar myweaknesskidsndogs says:

    Sarcasm, I’m convinced I am be the most sarcastic person alive. 

  14. avatar jesrab says:

    Taking care of children, people tell me that they could never do what I do. They say thet don’t have the patience. ( i also do well with animals.)

  15. avatar jesrab says:

    Taking care of children. People tell me they could never do what I do they don’t have the patience. I’m good with animals, also.
     ( My profile picture was drawn for me by one of the children.

  16. avatar LJ Designs says:

    Well, first and foremost, I am the BEST at giving my daughter the illusion, that I am the BEST mother ever!! hahhahahhaha  She would never admit it to me, but she “did” write a paper about how grateful she was to have me in school……….so that’s all that matters…….I love being her mother more than anything else!
     In addition to that, “I” feel I am the best horse show clothing designer on the planet! lol  My daughter and I would LOVE to see your show Whoopie!! Ghost is my fav all time movie!! I actually love everything you’ve done, and even tune into the View (because of you) I love that you are so down to earth, even through all of your fame………
    Being a single mom, after losing my husband to colon cancer…….it’s really hard to juggle a business and being a mom. We don’t get away often, and I know my daughter is itching to see the big city!  So please pick us!! ♥

    • avatar charlottesweb66 says:

      Sorry to hear about your loss, my husband has just had a childhood cancer resurface and two major surgeries later which has been within the last 6 months ( skull & arm) he is still as irritating as ever ;), but did you say you HAVE a business?…and 1 daughter…ummm I got you beat BIG-Time!!!…lol…just kiddin sweetheart, but count your blessings…and be Thankful for what you DO have.

  17. avatar kaytaye says:

    I am the best dealing with preschool dynamics and behavioral issues. Pre and post college I’ve worked with children who have been deemed “hard” by their peers, teachers and others. I’ve worked with these children with quick result in aiding them to better adjust and relate to social situations. I’ve worked with foster children who’ve had emotional issues adjust to their foster family, children who are “socially awkward” due in large part to their differences as a child with a disability, as well as with children  in the wide spectrum in between. I have not yet studied Early Childhood Education formally, however I definitely rock it quite naturally and have been told so regularly by parents, coworkers, teachers alike. Now… with formal education, I will be unstoppable.  That being said, considering I’m only going to be on the East Coast until the 18th, it’s unlikely I will win these tickets let alone be able to use them.   So, good luck and whoever wins enjoy the hell out of that play because the movie was a hugely significant in my life… in fact I remember a good few years of watching it on a weekly if not daily basis.

  18. avatar crackerjack says:

    You can be the strangest person on the planet, or any other planet, and
    I can make you feel like you’re the coolest most normal thing to walk the earth.
    It’s all about love, laughter and listening. It’s a good feeling. That’s what I can do
    better than anyone I know.

  19. avatar mitt6272 says:

    I am the best at feeding people, I love the joy in seeing people faces when they eat my food, I have been took Great cook!!!!!! I can cook anything.The best Gift and can give my friends and family for there birthdays is to cook what they want mme to.  Doing this is the best JOY in the world.

  20. avatar lzyblyzzet says:

    My forte is eating milk chocolate. I have an uncanny instinct for assessing any hunk of chocolate, be it solid, filled, nutted, brickled, or Easter Bunnied; be it fresh, frozen, melted, or stuck to the bottom of my handbag, and determining the prime moment for maximum enjoyment. It is a wonderful gift. 🙂

  21. avatar MariaP says:

    One thing I’ve been told I do better than anyone else is — I make the BEST chocolate almond butter crunch!  Every year around the holidays, I have to make more than the last, when giving it out as gifts; and so many people say I should be selling it  (I just may go into this as another career, who knows).  Would love to see the show, Whoopi!

  22. avatar sfyoffee says:

    I’m so organized!!  I am a member of a writing group called “The Pearls”, we write and read our memoirs to various groups here in Sarasota, FL.  the “Pearls” called me their “Clasp” because I’m so organized. 
    I watch the View everyday, have tried in vain to obtain tickets to the show, but I certainly would be thrilled to see the show “Sister Act”.

    • avatar charlottesweb66 says:

      I probably could beat you on the “organized” label…but I’m not a clean-freak,…so I’ll give you a pass on this one.

      p.s.  and I know you’re asking yourself, how can you be an Organized person but not be a clean person?

      Ex: I have a place/spot for EVERY item in my house…so if I were trying to impress someone who was visiting…and I put everything in it’s perspective place/spot, I would probably be considered borderline O.C.D…but does that mean EVERY item stays in it’s perspective place…No…because my house unfortunately tends to get messy the moment my 6 year old walks through the door…followed by his 10 year old sister…and 16 year old sister…not to mention his 8 year old brother…(well he has autism, so he is somewhat a neat-freak), and omg…don’t get me started on when the 4 adult daughters who visit nearly everyday…yeah…my house doesn’t stay clean…but I am organized…they know where to get the stuff they need that eventually leaves my house messy…lol.

  23. avatar Steve_of_SP says:

    Hopefully, your invitation extends to OGs too.  Us OGs (Old Guys) have way too much advice and not enough wisdom on keeping our advice to ourselves.  My skill is to be able to recognize when I’m giving unneeded advice and then shut up.

    • avatar charlottesweb66 says:

      sometimes Steve…those of us who really have…….nothing to say ( myself definitely included) like hearing ourselves speak the most…why that is, I don’t know? Well, I have read somewhere why? but it would include an Authour many people disagree with, but I call him GOD.

  24. avatar angelarocks49 says:

    I’m better at being me, Angela, of course !   Right or wrong, good or bad, I excell
    at being myself.

  25. avatar Pnut123 says:

    Your my Hero. I wish you luck, Love the movie.

  26. avatar DogGuardian says:

    I am best at bringing out the best in others. Let’s see if I can do so with you. Perhaps you will demonstrate your integrity and human dignity to announce that your comments about buying a dog from a pet store were ill-informed. As a person who is sensitive to abuse and injustice, I hope that you recognize the horrific cruelty that is universally imposed on breeding animals sold in pet shops and over the internet. Please demonstrate your reverence for all life by re-considering those hurtful remarks. Sincerely, Georgette Madak, Member of Animal Rescue Corps.

  27. avatar LadyV says:

    I am good at a lot of things, singing and speaking  are on the list but the I am the best at doing ME.  No one can Do Me Like Me.

  28. avatar CupidzMuse says:

    The one thing I am better at than anyone else, lies is my capacity to meld the Knowledge that I have obtained from institutions of higher learning, with the gift of Wisdom that I have received from my Higher-Power to foster Utilitarianism!!  This can be illustrated by my ability to successful impart onto others’ that synergy—in its purest form—is truly functional.  See, it is neither my idiosyncrasies, nor those of others’ that matter most.  Instead, it is what our collective thought processes (e.g. points of view-dissenting or otherwise) can potentially manifest into that is of the most significance!  “The Greater Good” is what it’s all about!!

  29. avatar tassiemae says:

    Question: What is the one thing you are better at than absolutely anyone else? 

    I believe that  “To love and be loved is the greatest joy on earth”. This love is what I feel, know and work to give to others on my path. It is the love that “I give” and I receive” in my a personal journeythat is what I am better at than anyone else, because this is my personal journey, everyone has their own personal life path which is unique to them. 

    “My Personal Life Quest” is my personal path, each person has their chosen path. If I said mind was the best,t would be puffery on my part.  You see, it is that I know the love of loved ones and give it back to my family, friends to the best of my ability, though it is a path towards perfection, “not perfection”, it is learning along the way. It is too the remembrance of those who have passed on who have mentored who have and loved me along their path that I am forever grateful. Unknown ancestors through the ages have prevailed in life to bring me to this time to exist with their genes on this earth.

    Born with the unique gift as an artist, I find that my passion for the love of creating is love revealed through my brush and paint and in turn and for those who love the work. Again,  this love comes full circle as the artwork is created and someone enjoys the piece, and perhaps chooses to purchase it for their living space. What a wonderful legacy an artist leave whether i.e.,  art, acting, writing, and dance, as this is the expression of their gifts, this gift lasts for eternity because it has touched lives.

  30. avatar CupidzMuse says:

    *Corrected Post*
    The one thing I am better at than anyone else, lies is my capacity to meld the Knowledge that I have obtained from institutions of higher learning, with the gift of Wisdom that I have received from my Higher-Power to foster Utilitarianism!!  This can be illustrated by my ability to successfully impart onto others’ that synergy—in its purest form—is truly functional.  See, it is neither my idiosyncrasies, nor those of others’ that matter most.  Instead, it is what our collective thought processes (e.g. points of view-dissenting or otherwise) can potentially manifest into that is of the most significance!  “The Greater Good” is what it’s all about!!

  31. avatar Belinda Joy says:

    What’s the one thing you’re better at than anyone else?

    I would say I am better than anyone else at being able to change on a dime. Had you asked me this question two years ago you would have received a far different answer. But today….today to a very large part because of this very website, I have learned most of “who” I thought I was and “how” and “what” I believed has been wrong.
    I’m one of those women that will speak in definite terms about standing in my own truth, being authentic and real, living by my own rules. Yet I have learned in life that just as time changes how I look, it also changes how I feel and think.  I can adapt to any situation and can allow my mind to be open to thinking in ways I normally would not. I have been placed in situations that take me out of my comfort zone and still came out shining.  I embrace change more than any one on the planet. I AM the embodiment of Deloris Van Cartier!

    • avatar charlottesweb66 says:

      actually…you would be the embodiment (in my perspective) of Oda Mae…because it was she that created Deloris,but I digress…(oh…my bad…I got my movies mixed up) you right, but my original question…You must not have children…because they can have that affect too!

      as much as I have watched those two movies, I wouldn’t have thought I would have made that mistake…oh well, my 45th is coming up…lol.

  32. avatar kathakins says:

    I have to say…one thing that I am very good at is remembering numbers…I remember family and friends phone numbers from many years ago; birthdays and addresses of relatives and friends. Saves on address books!! 🙂

  33. avatar hummer55 says:

    I am a good listener. I stop, look into people’s eyes, and take in what they say to me. I find people fascinating, and enjoy stories and personal tidbits. My dear departed Grandma used to say:

    “A wise old owl sat in an oak,
    the more he heard, the less he spoke.
    The less he spoke, the more he heard.
    Why aren’t we more like that wise old bird?”

  34. avatar Rho says:

    I will answer if this post goes thru.  I cannot access the website. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. avatar Rho says:

    Once more, Help!!!  Is this only on Facebook?  I do not belong,  but I do belong here.

  36. avatar ArizonaSun says:

    I am the absolute best at uncovering conspiracies…even where one does not exist.  For example, did you know that macaroni and cheese was invented for the sole purpose of to make women fat?  Or that the chocolate chips found in processed cookies were first placed there to shield the number of insects that could be witnessed by the human eye?  Or that the true reason behind enacting daylight savings time was to throw everyone off-balance so that aliens can steal our brain cells while we are disoriented?  Or that….well, you get the idea!  Some may say that I have a knack for perpetuating the suspension of disbelief, while others may say that I need a straight-jacket LOL!!!!

  37. avatar Highbridge says:

    I am the best at bringing people together. I love to entertain, meet and greet and just overall like to see folks havin a good time!! drama, no frills just a damn good time, life is too short to be bothered with things that dont bring you happiness!!…can I get an amen…AMEN

  38. avatar tnpat says:

    I am better at being grateful…of everything. I died twice and by the Grace of God I am here to cherish every second of life. I am grateful for sobreity, for my faith and all that goes with that. I am better then anyone to list my own faults and to work to correct them everyday. I am better then anyone to call in the middle of the night and I will make you aware of why you should not drink the whole bottle of tequila! I’m the best at telling you that you did wonderful staying sober again, just for today…….     No prize needed, That sure was a nice experience to hear ME say something about ME!!  Life is marvelous, thanks!