Behind the “60 Minutes” Interview: Lesley Stahl On Autism Apps

Autistic people whose condition prevents them from speaking are making breakthroughs with the help of tablet computers and special applications that allow them to communicate — some for the first time. View an excerpt of Lesley Stahl’s “60 Minutes” report below:

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  1. avatar Rho says:

    Thanks for the sneak peek, I will be watching.

  2. avatar D C says:

    I watched this last night and was in awe.  I have a son that falls on the very high functioning end of the Autism Spectrum, but I have friends who have children who are noncommunicative.  This technological “toy” in so many people’s lives, is a miracle for families of children like my friends have.  I have always, from the moment we knew our son was different, been so thankful that he could talk and tell us what was going on with him.  For the families of children like the ones shown on 60 Minutes last night, this is a miracle. 

    I would suggest, for people who have money to give, if only they could find a good cause, consider checking out the resources in your area dedicated to helping autistic children.  Send them an IPad or 2, and make a miracle happen for a noncommunicative child and his parents. 

  3. avatar Arie says:

    It was an interesting video about a probably nervous young boy who is trying his best to live life and succeed in making life happen for himself. I saw within him great potential to learn and be secure with the acceptance of his life situation. I wish him the best luck within the medical community.
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  4. avatar Arie says:

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    Thank you I didn’t realize.