Behind the “60 Minutes” Interview: Lesley Stahl on Howard Buffett

Howard Buffett, son of Warren, has inheirited his multibillion dollar business

Legendary investor Warren Buffett has chosen his son Howard to succeed him as head of his multibillion dollar holding company.  But as Lesley Stahl reports on “60 Minutes” this week, “Howie” – a farmer – is no chip off the old block. Watch an excerpt of her interview below:

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  1. avatar Mark Rowe says:

    At least a farmer knows how to take care of his livestock!
    If one thinks of a farm being the United States of America, and the people being the livestock, then one can see more clearly what has happened to our country. The farmer, (the rich), have stoped feeding there livestock, (the people). Instead they are keeping there money and giving it to other farmers, (other countries), for the benifit of other farmers livestock. Meanwhile the farm, (America), is falling appart from the inside out, and the livestock, (the American People), are running around loose and making trouble, not only for the farms neighbors, but for the farmer himself.
    The one who came up, and thoes who say, the trickle down movement is the way to go are stupid beyond belief. Everyone else knows that the rich didn’t get rich by spending there money!
    Our country in emploding, and our governemnt is helping it.

  2. avatar Laurie Deer says:

    I watched the interview last night, great job Lesley Stahl. I think Warren Buffet outsmarted us again in choosing the next king to run his empire. Who would you choose a farmer or a overpaid Wall Street guy? The reluctant attitude today towards Wall Street suits would not do a thing to bolster the 1%’s image. I think Mr. Buffet made an excellent choice in putting a hard working man who values concrete things rather than derivatives. Hail to Howard.

  3. avatar Pdr de says:

    I wish that the homeless, jobless, hungry millions in this country were being given a hand up. I am full of sympathy and compassion for the suffering that goes on in third world countries (the same countries that are, in many cases, now manufacturing products for U.S. companies and corporations that have abandoned workers in the U.S. to get the production done more cheaply – much more cheaply – somewhere else). They need help and I’m glad they’re getting it.

    BUT…if I had great wealth, I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that there are 1 in 5 (and I think the statistics are actually much higher) children here in this country who have minimal to no medical care, no dental care, little food, poor to no shelter and insufficient warm clothing to get them through the winter months.

    We need help in this country, more than ever before as the Tea Party Republicans demand cutting back more and more on programs to help those who need it. Yesterday is an example, voting and passing a bill in Congress to cut way back on unemployment payments. Expect crime rates to increase as desperate parents do whatever they can to put food in the mouths of their little ones. Expect, also, that there will be much more physical abuse of spouses, significant others, children (and family pets) as the fear and frustration builds and job opportunities continue to dwindle.

    The numbers mentioned during this interview are inconceivable to most of us. For those of us reading labels on can (the cans keep getting smaller and so does the writing) to try to get the most value for our dwindling incomes, spending months trying to find a physician who is willing to take on a patient who is on Medicare, buying clothing at second-hand stores, letting cars become so broken down they are dangerous to drive; struggling to apply to jobs only to be told they don’t hire someone who has LOST their previous job. This is only a tiny bit of the experiences, frustration and struggle countless Americans are dealing with every day.

    Our government is a joke! The same people cutting programs care nothing for the suffering that is taking place here in their own country. They’re willing to sacrifice us in order to get rid of President Obama and that’s where their millions are going. Mr. Buffett’s enormous charitable contribution to Bill Gates’ charities went to a good cause. I just hope that Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffett will allow some of that enormous wealth to drip down upon the countless people suffering in the good old United States.