Behind the ’60 Minutes’ Interview: Lesley Stahl on Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen

Paul Allen has written an incendiary book about his Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates


In his first in-depth interview in over a decade, Paul Allen says his new book is a slice of technology history — and not revenge against Bill Gates

Paul Allen reacts to the furor caused by published excerpts of his upcoming book, “Idea Man,” on “6o Minutes” this Sunday, April 17 on CBS. Watch a sneak peak of Lesley’s interview with him below:

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  1. avatar Joan Larsen says:

    I will be watching this.  . but my feeling is that the people with the most heart, the people who have had a close personal relationship, i.e. they have known each other well and shared private thoughts in the past, are usually “there” for you in your bad times no matter what.  The writings of two men so heavily in the public eye draw readers.  In business there are differences in opinion and remembrances of happenings of the past.  . and every “big name” seems to write a book.

    There is business – with all its disappointments, joys, disagreements, and worse — but it shows the character of the men when that is shoved aside when one is in a time of need.  You share personal history that – if it has had depth – is hard to come by in life if we are honest.  Gates has learned life’s lesson well — and it does not seem to be surprising that caring is a big part of his makeup. 

    In a woman, we would call these things “matters of the heart” and in men – well, perhaps, the human component.