Behind the “60 Minutes” Interview: Lesley Stahl on the Reverend Al Sharpton

Reverend Al Sharpton

More than twenty years after his celebrated advocacy for Tawana Brawley, a 15-year-old whose alleged gang rape by six white men provoked street riots, the Reverend Al Sharpton is a changed man. Watch Lesley Stahl’s interview below:

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  1. avatar Rho says:

    Sorry, I do not think he is changed at all.

  2. avatar KarenR says:

    The case was mishandled from the get-go. That’s not Sharpton’s fault. The speed with which it all blew up clearly indicated there were existing tensions in the community that were going unaddressed. A 15-year-old kid wasn’t getting help on any front – can’t really blame him for trying to draw attention to what he honestly thought was wrong.

    I hope there’s more exploration of his stance in the full interview.

    • avatar chipgiii says:

      Assuming you are correct, let’s hope Al Sharpton takes a deep breath in the future.

  3. avatar Rho says:

    Guess nobody here lives where I do.  If you did you would know the truth about this man.

  4. avatar Rho says:

    Well, I live in Howard Beach, NY — need I say more.

  5. avatar shazbat1 says:

    Al Sharpton, one of the original Three Stooges Sharpton,Mason & Maddox. This man is a disreputable individual, of dubious intentions. And, horror of horrors, he was legitimized by none other than Fox News when they gave him a show. Go figure? Also, lets not forget how he whipped up hatred for those poor Korean merchants. If you see this man on fire, don’t pee on him to put the flames out!

  6. avatar Maizie James says:

    Just finished watching the extended edition of 60 Minutes, which included the segment about the ‘new’ Al Sharpton.

    Great interview Lesley. I admired your reserve – especially when questioning Sharpton about why he’s never apologized to those unfairly implicated in the Brawley case.

    I think it was evident/obvious to most viewers that despite Sharpton’s slimmer appearance and well-tailored suits, he is still a self-serving antagonist, still hungry for press attention, and still hustling for recognition. Worse, he is still pandering divisive rhetoric, except the tone is different.

    My hope is that those who watched, realize that Sharpton is NOT popular among many African Americans; no matter how much he has re-packaged himself to ‘appear’ more enlightened and moderate.

  7. avatar Rho says:

    I watched it too.  All I can think of is when he marched through my neighborhood, looked like the old south.

  8. avatar chipgiii says:

    Al Sharpton is, and has been, a narcissistic self serving opportunist.  He takes advantage of the plight of others, creates a race issue when often there is none, and makes the story about him, not the victim.  He does more to set race relations in reverse than any other modern day person or group (modern being since the eighties).  Oddly enough he does do some good by bringing attention to things – but he does that usually by making new victims of often innocent people. 

    Best thing Al could do for all Americans,fade into the sunset.