Can You Believe She’s 50? 14 Awe-Inspiring, Traffic-Stopping Women Who Wow

Conventional wisdom says that 50 is the new 40. For us, it’s the new … timeless.

50th birthdays begin yet another great stage in life for women everywhere — whether they’re redefining the boundaries of “beauty,” diving into a second or third career, or simply keeping on keepin’ on. Here, we salute fourteen of the very best …



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  1. avatar SHORESLADY says:

    There is no text or photo on this page.  Maybe it’s just me.

  2. avatar lzyblyzzet says:

    I also get neither text nor photo.

  3. avatar Rho says:

    Me too, nothing is there.  Thought it was my computer.

  4. avatar Mary says:

    I think the slide shows over the past few weeks have been great ideas and would be very enjoyable, only wish I could see them.  I think there are issues with the program Wow is using for slideshows, haven’t been able to see a single one.  Thanks for the thought though.

  5. avatar Briana Baran says:

    I use the browser Mozilla Firefox, and have had no problems viewing any of the slide-shows…and my laptop is an extremely recalcitrant and fickle beast at times. I do occasionally have issues with being able to type comments due to being unable to adjust the font, and it being so minute.

    As to the slide-show, I will not comment on the women featured further than this…of all fourteen, there are only three who truly impress me…and the rest are, as far as I am concerned, totally over-popularized on this site and others. In fact, in several cases, the captions fell just short of sychophantic adulation. Enough already.

    But what really saddens me is the idea that we should for some reason be impressed by the idea that a woman can look good, feel good, retain her sensuality, talent, charisma and curiosity, and continue to grow, evolve, learn, and conquer new intellectual, artistic and career territory at, and past, the age of fifty. These 14 are only “special” in that a number of them are media icons (not those that I truly admire, they are more sub-cultural icons, and are much less known), and that some of them are wealthy, and some are rich (in the classic sense) and incredibly (in the truest sense) influential. There are thousands of women in America at and past 50 who are also beyond beautiful, who are flowering into full bloom, who are sexual beings still, taking excellent care of themselves, going back to college, engaging in new paths, and opening themselves to new experiences and their dreams. Of course, they are not celebrities, so we never see slide-shows featuring them.

    Fifty is not the mark of the beginning of physical and mental decrepitude and corruption…and I don’t think we need media stars, some of whom command virtual armies of attendees to keep them in tip-top form, to prove that to us. These women are not exceptions to the rule…they simply move in a different universe than we do, whether due to wealth, fame, over-exposure or all of the above. They also have to sit down to pee…just like everyone else.

    • avatar SHORESLADY says:

      We have a clue: it’s possible that some of us can’t see the page because of our browsers.  I am not dedicated enough to the goal to log in with an alternate browser, but that’s just me.

      We also got a bigger clue about interaction and responsiveness regarding the WOW “staff” (I assume there’s a paid point person who brings this together on behalf of the WOW headliners) and readers.  No one representing WOW has added to this thread to provide alternatives or answers for those who can’t see the page.  That tells me that either no one is paid to do so or no one paid to do so has done so, or no one who is unpaid is also interested enough to do so.   Way to build brand loyalty, ladies!

  6. avatar Amaterasu says:

    Same here – NOTHING!!!!

  7. avatar phyllis Doyle Pepe says:

    Those of you who are not getting pictures mit text, don’t fret. It’s the same spiel Wow delivers from time to time. Somehow the fact that women look younger than their years is a fascinating thing for them, and they show us celebrities that fit this bill. As Briana said, these women are not the exception to the rule: fifty-plus nowadays IS young. But you’ll see more of these kind of slideshows just like you see Peggy Romero’s column every week with 0 comments. One wonders.

    • avatar Briana Baran says:

      So good to see you here again Phyllis. I had missed you. And I have been wondering of late about the seemingly total absence of all monitoring on the site…why, they haven’t even disappeared any of my comments. Strange days indeed…

  8. avatar Grace OMalley says:

    Nothing here either.  It first started with the pets slideshow.  They must have changed sumtin on this site.

  9. avatar Laura Ward says:

    Maybe they couldn’t find anybody that looked good at 50…

  10. avatar SandraAbernathy says:

    I saw no text or photos on this page either. About the subject of folks 50 years old and older, I say, “Hurray”!  I’m 57 headed forward!!  That’s a good thing for any of us!!  🙂

  11. avatar R. Bradbury says:

    Nothing here—pix, article, NOTHING!  Oh well.

  12. avatar Community Manager says:

    We’re currently having an issue with the slideshow for those of you who use Internet Explorer as your browser.  Those using Firefox or Chrome can see the slideshow fine.

    Our apologies and we are working on the fix!

  13. avatar pink pearl says:

    I am using Firefox as browser and still unable to see slideshow?????

  14. avatar aevansk says:

    I would really like to read this article if it would show up.