The wOw Interview: Diane von Furstenberg Opens Up

Courtesy of Diane von Furstenberg

The legendary fashion designer dishes with Joan Juliet Buck about what makes her marriage tick, her views on plastic surgery and more

JOAN: When you were 40, you said, “Now it’s time to become a myth.” What did you mean?

DIANE: At 40, you can no longer just count on your beauty or on your seduction power. I always joke and say that it is time to become a myth!!! Meaning stand for something…be the best at making apricot jam or whatever!!!

JOAN: What frightens you most?

DIANE: Fear is not an option.

JOAN: What is the biggest lesson you have learned?

DIANE: Don’t be afraid of your own strength.

JOAN: Which do you prefer attending, weddings or funerals?

DIANE: Weddings, of course. But what I like about funerals is that people are more vulnerable and sincere.

JOAN: Does New York nightlife hold any fascination for you at this stage in your life?

DIANE: Going out in New York is about witnessing something new…a play, a show, a movie, a book!!! New York is a center for culture.

JOAN: Have you ever thought about cutting your hair short, dyeing it?

DIANE: I did cut my hair very, very short in 1984. I needed a change, and a change I got. Not just the hair, but I moved to Paris and fell in love with a new man.

JOAN: What’s the secret?

DIANE: The secret is to enjoy being you. I love the role of senior.

JOAN: How do you and Barry Diller stay so tight? What makes your marriage tick?

DIANE: Barry has been a lover, a friend, a husband…and he is good at all the roles. He loves me unconditionally and has taught me to do the same.

JOAN: Will you ever design for men?

DIANE: I ONLY design for women!

JOAN: Any women artists you particularly admire?

DIANE: All women inspire me. Ahn Duong is my friend artist. She is a great painter and even a better sculptor.

JOAN: What’s your most common saying? (Is it still “Do you love me?”)

DIANE: Do you love me is a way to say…I love you!

JOAN: Who is your best friend (besides Barry)?

DIANE: My children, Alexandre and Tatiana are by far my best friends.

JOAN: What is the motto you live by?

DIANE: Go for it!!!

JOAN: I know you give back all the time — specifically, now, what?

DIANE: I prefer giving to receiving. It is a privilege to be able to share, to make a difference.

JOAN: Plastic surgery: yes, no, if not, why not, if not, what else?

DIANE: I know women wonder why I have done nothing to my face. I don’t even know myself. I would love to resist it — always. I don’t feel very beautiful, but I feel fulfilled. These days don’t have enough hours, because I get into so many things. I feel very engaged – I love it!!!

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  1. avatar Joan Larsen says:

    Looking back, I never have looked so well as I did in the 1970s when Diane’s wrap dress made women look absolutely wonderful.  Oh Lord, I long for that look and those days again!!  Time has flown since those days but Diane has remained Diane, retaining that recognizable look that turns heads as she always did.  I’ve always felt that so much of that is the feeling of confidence, and inside?  Well, I would say that “feeling good about yourself” gives a glow often that allows that ageless quality to last and last.  I believe that we have to love ourselves .   . but if we have that special someone with whom we share a long love affair, we exude an air of confidence over and above all else.   May you stay forever young!