FIND ME – Finding Missing Persons Fundraiser in NYC

Recently, Mary Wells Lawrence and I joined the organization FIND ME. We learned about it from Peggy Rometo, once wowOwow’s astrologist/intuitive. Its mission is to find missing persons…in order to bring peace to their families and friends.

The organization is different from any others I’ve known of. It utilizes forensic technology AND vetted psychics to create a unique force of diligent and dedicated professionals working alongside of the police. Their success rate has been astounding.

I know there are many news stories (NPR, NBC News, etc.) in the works…but just around the corner there will be a fundraiser in NYC on November 12, 2014.  I hope you can attend and/or contribute to this organization. Bruce Willis, our own Liz Smith, and other celebrities will be there.

To buy tickets or learn more about the event, please visit

FINDME - Find Missing Persons - November 12 2014



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