Honoring Sheila Nevins

Last night, Sheila Nevins, President of HBO Documentary Films, received the prestigious Women of Vision award “Gloria Award” (in honor of its founder, Gloria Steinem). Our own Marlo Thomas presented the award to Sheila, and some fellow-wOw-ers cheered her on.

Left to Right (back row): Cynthia McFadden, Marlo Thomas, Sheila Nevins and Joni Evans (front row): Lesley Stahl and Liz Smith

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  1. avatar Joan Larsen says:

    Sheila . . .

    The world is blessed that in it is one of the most creative, far-seeing women we will ever know.  Sheila, from the early days on HBO you have produced the most must-see television — documentaries about people we should know, real people with no sugar coating, and by doing so you have expanded the minds of all those who have spent quality time watching – yes – quality TV on HBO. 

    You have pulled watchers in, captured them, making them want anything that you produce more . . . and more.  Speaking for myself, among millions of others, you have made those special nights of watching TV the most memorable.

    Yes, you have received applause for years, piles and piles of the prestigious awards that you so deserve, but as I look at the photo of the grouping of the best gals, the best friends in the world surrounding you — they are the frosting on your cake. 

    You’re delicious, your’re de-darling, you’re de-lovely . . . and so are everyone of your best friends gathering close to you — for, in truth, they are what the “good life” is made of.

    Congratulations!  So well deserved!


    • avatar mary burdt says:

      Hi Joan—i am so glad you posted here because I have lost track of you since Wow Oh Wow kind of shut down. I don’t know much about Sheila, I wish I knew more.  Wow was the first website I ever used.  I was given a computer for my 74th birthday, and somehow, found Wow and have been a fan ever since.  I miss our back and forth discussions that this site provided, but mostly, I miss hearing from you.  Your kind, thoughtful words to me after my husband’s death will always be cherished.  I thank you.  Mary