It Happened Last Night: Poetry Hour Moves from London to the Waverly

Josephine Hart, author of Damage, rocked the New York Public Library last night with Brian Dennehy and Mark Strong. If anyone can keep you on the edge of your seat about Robert Lowell and Robert Frost, and have you wishing they were going to join the group at dinner, it is Josephine. She was born on a poetic high, we say. Josephine has written a book called Catching Life by the Throat and, although it is not one of her amazing novels, it has a lot of that amazement in it. Great poets, like great painters, keep you awake nights and on your guard.

There is a delicious CD tucked inside the book that I play when I need to escape all the wowOwow women – now that there are thousands of you out there. I never thought of Mark Strong reading poetry. He was really, really – really – good. I am now a Strong fan. Woo! Brian Dennehy is always wonderful so that was not a surprise.

The Waverly Inn – if you can get in – is always a wonderful and theatrical surprise, too. Our Joan Juliet Buck arrived from L.A. in time for dinner and all the chitchat. Mostly with the son of Josephine and Maurice Saatchi, Edward, who is working for Obama. (If you have a great daughter you should have been there.)

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