Margo Howard: Jeff Diskin Has Been Found!

Editor’s Note: A longtime journalist, Margo Howard went into the family business (her mother was the fabled Ann Landers) in the 1990s as Dear Prudence. Her broad experience and understanding of human nature provide answers for the troubled — and entertainment for everyone else. Margo’s advice column, Dear Margo, appears twice a week — on Thursdays and Fridays — on

As it happens, the answer to “Where in the World is Jeff Diskin?” was supplied by … Jeff Diskin! He sent flowers, and the card told me where he had been: globe-trotting for Hilton, and he asked that I call him. So I did. We talked, and I must say he sounds like a cute guy with a sense of humor who was not at all defensive.

While my fantasy was that a favorite aunt would have seen the headline and sent it to him, actually he told me two people from Hilton sent him the link. He sympathized with many of the criticisms, e.g., form letter responses were not entirely satisfactory, although a bit of a necessity, I guess, if you run a bazillion hotels and get a lot of complaints. He further said he imagined I’d wanted that manager canned, but while he couldn’t promise that outcome he did state that the whole l’affaire Hilton Ft. Lauderdale would certainly wind up in the manager’s evaluation report, along with inquiries down the line as to why the first person I contacted did not respond. Mr. Diskin said he and some others at Hilton HQ took note of a couple days’ worth of the wOw comments, so it is nice to know that we have been heard.

Isn’t it amazing what a girl can get done with a million readers?

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