Mary Wells Is Dizzied by the Beauty That Is Vancouver


As you know, I am in Vancouver. It may be the most beautiful city in the world. Crystal buildings step down to the sea where the boats are, and to the beautiful sea walk that circles the place. All of this is reflected hurly-burly in the sea along with the string of gorgeous crystal-top mountains. Western Canada has been discovered and apartments and houses are being snapped up from early plans when they are presented in Vancouver and Whistler.

Movies are made here – a lot of movies. There is a tinge of Hollywood movie set here and a Cobb salad on a lot of menus. But the many, many, many restaurants in Vancouver serve a lot of very fresh fish – kinds chefs can’t get for you in New York and Chicago. Crystal tower hotels are going up and will be available for the Olympics. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel will be like a slowly turning shaft of light from outer space, so lovely it will make you dizzy.

There is more glass in this town than in any single town I have ever seen. Or maybe it is the way Vancouver, surrounded by sea that is calmed by hundreds of small islands, magnifies the brilliance in its glass and turns it into billions of diamonds floating all around you. That is how it appears. I have just arrived and have already found two restaurants you have to make note of even if you never get to Canada. The first is Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar (Zagat says the fish are still flapping before they reach your table). The second is very smart and has great food, and is called, simply, “C.” It looks over Granville Island, where there is a truly fabulous public market. Knowing about them is half the fun. This place is hard for a gypsy like me who never wants to settle down – I keep thinking I should find a little crystal corner to keep.

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