Mary Wells: It’s What Makes Us Different

I don’t think anything physical about me is special – good or bad. In recent years there has been such a change in what we perceive as a beautiful woman or handsome man — we are all so mixed up now, like a salad or a good stew, and we continue to produce more and more mixtures making us more and more unique. That has canceled out the old fashioned Barbie-doll standard. I read that a fashion magazine has shot an issue with only black women, I think they call it their black issue — I have never seen more beautiful women in my life! And the photographs I saw suggest the sophisticated look of the stars of the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s. Exciting as it is, there is something bordering on old fashioned about a black issue. Our most prominent black citizen running for president is, to my eyes, an obvious mixture. Evolution may produce a race where every human is unique looking. Big sturdy noses, teeny slanted eyes, pointy droopy puppy ears, long fat chins — those features that set us apart from everybody else may be something we will like the best about ourselves.

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