Mary Wells: The Future Is Here, Just in Time for the Holidays


The Sony MiniDisc Recorder is a small stylish black device that can be used as an instant mini modular recording studio. Maybe I exaggerate but it records like nothing that small I have ever seen. You can just sit it on a table and slip it on or you can also clip onto a person so that during an interview the voice of the person speaking is recorded with high quality and very little background and ambient noise. It is a cinch to use and a size that slips into your handbag. You can pull it out and set up an instant recording among friends at lunch. And it is great to work with — you get everybody forever caught on tape!!! 

While I was studying the recorder I noticed that my trusty Sony Cyber-shot has a replacement. It’s been made thinner, more powerful and it does new tricks. It comes in red, gray, silver, pink and gold for about $399.99. If you never took photos or videoed from one you have to understand that along with a trillion other people I always thought the original was irreplaceable, but I have a new red one now.  

So I was in the store hearing all about the new Blu-ray Disc players when the door opened and in sailed the manager with the first OLED Digital TV to hit these shores, the 11-inch television everyone thinks will become the industry standard in time and the only one of its kind on sale today. The OLED tech TV screen does not require a light source behind the screen so it is thinner, has much higher resolution and is crisper in color and can be viewed perfectly from every angle. It may be a while before we can have big ones but I am having a smug time impressing my high-tech friends with this creation. I paid $2,499.99 for it. First of its kind — the future is here — that either means something to you — or not.

And considering Christmas, friends, remember there is a new iPhone. With slipcovers.

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