Mary Wells: The Women Shouldn’t Have ALL the Fun …


Only 91 days until Christmas! wOw’s Gypsy introduces the best luxuries for the special men in your life.

I thought they were kidding me when a friend in a man’s clothing store in Barcelona told me to expect to see men’s pajamas worn under jackets at dinners – and, they said, as few men had pajamas good enough to go out in, pajamas would make a good gift. I heard the same thing in Rome but then I read that Jerry Kalinsky, who owns Jeffrey in New York and can be counted on, said he was taking a pass on pajamas as a fashion trend. I find that it is remarkably easy to get a couple of men into a wordfight over wearing pajamas in a restaurant. So I will pass, too. But luxury pajamas to wear out are around.

Golf lovers I know told me to suggest The Downhill Lie, a wonderful Carl Hiaasen story of his return to golf after 32 years. Zero Restriction makes the best rain gear specifically for golf, I think, and golfers seem to know that. Lobb makes custom golf shoes but that is not a little luxury. That’s $3500 for shoes!

However a lady can give sport shoes as a gift without looking as if she has bigger ideas and Louis Vuitton and Prada make the best-looking men’s sport shoes by far – Nike be damned. I love Nike shoes and almost anything Nike makes, but Nike shoes are just not a Christmas treat! Although Justin Timberlake wears them. But Louis Vuitton makes running shoes look dangerous, the way women love men to look! The right man could wear them with black tie. And Prada sport shoes make men’s feet look like fun.

No matter who I asked about men’s watches I got Patek Philippe for an answer and noticed that Carla Bruni-Sarkozy gave her husband a sleek one — the newest one is superthin — but we aren’t going up into that stratosphere on this Christmas list. Maybe the next one.

Hermès has great men’s belts and this season’s classic Hermès zip shearling jacket looks much more expensive than it is. Burberry suddenly has the clothes-aware male crowd ahhhing over its sleek winter line, especially the coats, but you have to know a man’s sizes very well to dare — although if you do know them and you own the lad, well, you might want to splurge. This line is really smart so be sure that he’s up to it or he will think you are having a mental disorder.       

Best might be a Nintendo Wii with a golf game ready to go. You won’t believe the fun two grown-up golf nuts can have with each other on a Wii or how happy a golf fanatic can be all by himself practicing golf on a Wii.   

Warren Buffett has a new book every man who knows that he himself is smart with money will want to be seen with: The Snowball. That’s an inexpensive but very flattering gift. As is Thomas Friedman’s new Hot, Flat and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution — and How It Can Renew America.

More to come!

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