Mr. wOw Salutes a Bride

Beautiful Ivanka, before her wedding day

Cheers to Ivanka Trump.  She didn’t look like Grace Kelly — as some insisted — in her fabulous Vera Wang wedding gown, but she looked good enough. She is lovely, for sure, and would have a terrific figure even without the implants.

Good luck to Ivanka’s groom Jared Kushner. He has The Donald to contend with as a father-in-law. Go with God, Jared.

Miss Trump — I doubt she’ll opt for Mrs. Kushner — is an interesting young woman. She turned out considerably more assured, savvy and work-oriented than might have been expected, as the daughter of a self-obsessed gazillionaire. She is no spoilt child of privilege. Well, she is, but she’s no Paris Hilton, let’s put it that way. (Her many titles are associated with her dad’s business, but from all accounts, she doesn’t coast.)

I like her a lot, from what I’ve seen. But marriage is going to be a hell of a journey, for her and Mr. Kushner. Did I mention her father?

One tip. Stop Tweeting, honey. You are too smart for such foolishness. Please, I don’t need to know what you two had for breakfast the morning after.

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