The Stars Come Out at Literacy Partners 27th Annual Gala

This week, Liz Smith, Whoopi Goldberg, and Katie Couric joined veteran authors Stacy Schiff and Michael Connelly to support literacy in New York City


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  1. avatar Helen King says:

    It looks like a nice black tie event but where is Whoopi Goldberg’s black tie? Messy white shirt hanging out and yellow shoes only add to the insult. She is an original character who wants to make her own statement, but out of respect for the event and the others, you would think she would at least wear a pressed shirt or something nicer. Some people just don’t think manners and the correct dress count anymore.

  2. avatar Count Snarkula says:

    Liz, I swear you look younger and healthier each time I see you. Love, Love, LOVE the silver in the hair. Totally Glam! ! !

  3. avatar Rho says:

    Lovely, thanks Liz.