The Luxe List: For the Adventurer, the Nester and the Teenager


Only 9 days until Christmas! wOw’s Gypsy brings you the best of the best for the adventurer, the nester and the teenager …

Adventures and Experiences

If there is a man in your life who doesn’t like “things” under a tree, I have a friend who has had great success giving a weekend in the sexiest hotel suite she can find. Another takes her fella skiing where he has never skied or to Dubai for a weekend. Another takes her husband on a scenic and slightly edgy climb or on a hike along the rocky shores of Italy — where good wine is assured at dinner. Another buys a carefully selected assortment of the great sexy films that are at least ten years old and wraps them exquisitely. I know a woman who buys her husband butter from Charentes Poitou, France, because Gordon Ramsay says it’s the best butter.

There are new folding kayaks made by Folbot that are easily portable, around $1800. And consider the new debit cards for private jet use. Easy to buy — lots of those services around now with lots of prices. One of my dearest friends goes into Tom Ford’s shop on Madison in New York and just sits there for a while. She says she gets a lot of idea there and so far has only bought a tie.

For the Home

You can give a new homeowner a gift certificate to EcoSmart Fire, an Australian company that makes environmentally friendly open fireplaces. There is no flue — you don’t need a chimney and no installation is required and they are fully energy efficient — $2500 and up. You can give a new condo owner small items of furniture anyone could use and that are especially charming: Starck has designed a sleek stainless and teak rocking chair for a small terrace for instance – for Sutherland. And Jakob Wagner has designed the Yo Yo, a small table of curved beech that slips over a chair or sofa seat to hold your glass or cup of tea. It comes hilariously hip in high-gloss white, black, red or gold lacquer or in black matte oak or natural beech varnished. It’s made by Moroso, costs next to nothing, can be carried around with a few fingers and is the useful table no one need live without. I can just see a red one under the tree!

Teen girl

If, like most people, you can’t imagine what to give a 15-year-old woman — feel secure with anything from Juicy Couture! Now there are fragrances — Juicy Couture fragrance for women and Juicy Couture fragrance for men — they may be The Answer for a lot of you at gift time. Taylor Swift’s CDs are good for this group, too. And disco is back with a roar – but that is for all ages! Just as you’ll find something for adult females of all ages in Diane von Fürstenberg’s shop in New York and elsewhere.

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