The Silent Delights of Linda Fairstein’s Silent Mercy

wOw’s own Lesley Stahl and her husband, the writer Aaron Latham, preview the latest thriller from the bestselling crime author

One of the great annual events of the last dozen years has been the publication of a new Linda Fairstein crime novel. She manages to produce one a year, and just in case you hadn’t hard about the new one, check the back page of today’s A section of the New York Times. Silent Mercy is number 13th in Linda’s series about Alexandra Cooper, a New York City prosecutor based not-so-loosely on Linda’s own career in the DA’s office. I think the reason these mysteries are so good is that since Linda conducted hundreds of sex crime and other investigations herself, she’s able to bring an immediacy, an authenticity, and a richness of detail to her work that other writers of the genre can’t. It’s a joy to read them.

The new book out today, Silent Mercy, is not only Linda’s best but her bravest. She takes on organized religions with their intolerance and want of mercy. She is so daring it sometimes takes your breath away.

Silent Mercy sparkles with liturgical plot twists, forensic surprises, and deviously diabolical suspects. And Cooper’s relationship with her chief detective, Mike Chapman, bristles with repressed sexual tension and sophisticated palaver. They’re a crime couple as saucy and smart as Nick and Nora!

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