The Woman I Love, by Peter Rogers

Why I love Mary Elizabeth, Lizzie, Liz Smith.

Our Women I Love series is written by good men expressing what it is they love about their women.

Liz is an Aquarian. I am an Aquarian. For those who don’t know, Aquarians always like each other (matching egos). We also love Geminis. Geminis challenge us mentally and keep us amused. Geminis are so complicated there are at least eight personalities in every Gemini.

PRogers_LizLiteracy.jpgI have loved Liz for so long for so many reasons. She is a remarkable woman. There is hardly a charity benefit held in New York City that she doesn’t emcee. Liz is so involved in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg should make her our official ambassador. Liz cares. She loves her many friends and watches over us. If truth be known, Liz probably supports half of her out-of-work and broke friends. She gives money away as though she were rich.

Let’s not forget her glamour. She takes me to every opening night and introduces me to all her famous friends. Who else would take you to Liza’s last wedding to what’s his name? Liz likes to laugh and play and equally likes to sit quietly and read. She takes over your life and makes it a better one. She’s great company. Liz also meets a special requirement of mine – she’s a dancing fool. With all her accomplishments and fame, she remains without an ounce of pretension.

She’s still Mary Elizabeth Smith from Fort Worth, TX. I have never loved anyone more.

Editor’s Note: Peter Rogers, president and creative director of his agency, Peter Rogers Associates, known in the ’70s and ’80s for positioning luxury products with simple graphics and one-liners such as, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good” for Vidal Sassoon, “When your own initials are enough” for Bottega Veneta and “Me and My Scaasi” for Arnold Scaasi Couture. Other clients included Echo Scarves, Bulgari Jewelers, Bill Blass, Judith Leiber and Blackglama mink.


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