wOw Radio: Bob Pittman and Andrew Ross Sorkin – May 30, 2012

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Bob Pittman on the most competitive business he’s been in

Bob Pittman: Why liberals would make bad reality TV stars

Andrew Ross Sorkin says don’t weep for Zuckerberg just yet

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2 Responses so far.

  1. avatar jjfnygrl says:

    Letting some gentlemen have their say-nice!
    Ms. Nevins made the great observation at the end of last week’s show that men have a real challenge, when it comes to knowing who women are now and who they are. I Hope she is at the mike to have the chance to ask them – how do they view the word Feminist and the movement?
    Have a great day! Jackie

  2. avatar jjfnygrl says:

    Excellent, Excellent show today!

    Always enjoy Ms. Chatzky’s point of view-she shares her knowledge, the ups and downs of the financial world, with the rest of us in a way that we can(hopefully) understand.
      Mr. Pittman is a very interesting person, such great insights! Would love to hear more from him!
      Ms. Stahl-I am certainly interested, as other listeners probably are as well, in you continuing the conversation from Mr. Pittman’s observation of journalists like yourself having the chance to add your own opinions to your stories. I do hope you wait to discuss this when your partner in crime is back on with you! I am sure Ms. McFadden will have a few words of her own to add to this conversation.
      I have often wondered about the challenges and struggles, or not, that you two great journalists have faced to be fair and accurate, to present both sides of a story, without also wanting to get your own opinions, points of view, through to the audience. But I think you do get the chance to have YOUR say by the type of  follow-up questions you ask. Many times these are the questions that we the audience want to ask, but what’s more often the case, didn’t even think to ask and that’s what makes you both great journalists!
        Have a Great Day!  Jackie