wOw Radio: Jack Welch and Linda Fairstein – June 27, 2012

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Cynthia and Lesley on their friend Nora Ephron, “The kind of wit that cuts through everything.”

Linda Fairstein: Sandusky convinced himself he was doing something good for the kids

Jack Welch tells us how to get employees’ minds

Nora Ephron on wOw Radio: “Jackie Onassis would think I am a lesbian”

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5 Responses so far.

  1. avatar jjfnygrl says:

    OMG!!! Linda Fairstein!!!! OMG!!!

  2. avatar jjfnygrl says:

    Truly saddened by the passing of the amazing Nora Ephron. I consider her a WoW Woman and I believe she was a friend to some of you wonderful WoW Women.
    Ms. Evans, I am going to take a wild guess that you might repeat a show next Wednesday the 4th and it would be cool if you are able to replay one of the shows that Ms. Ephron was on. I think the one w/Ms. Smith and Cynthia was great.
    Just throwing the thought out there…

  3. avatar Rho says:

    I cannot open the page about Nora?  Why?

    • avatar huangwei says:

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  4. avatar jjfnygrl says:

    Great show today-
    I could listen to Linda Fairstein talk all day long-do hope you have her on again( I really wanted to call in). The new book Nightwatch is great-they are all wonderful! It is always fascinating to listen to Linda talk about the law and her take on recent cases.
    I love when the guests are also close friends and appreciate the hosts and guests sharing those stories that can only be told between those you know so well.
    But mostly want to say thank you to Ms. Stahl and Cynthia for sharing their thoughts & friendship on Ms. Ephron. The sound bites at the end of the show were some of my favorite-especially her take on failure Not being a teacher- that one makes me think,smile and laugh!