wOwRadio: Barry Diller – April 4th, 2012

Yesterday in the studio with co-anchors Lesley Stahl and Cynthia McFadden, Barry Diller came to talk candidly about his latest revolutionary and controversial project Aereo, his quarrel with Warren Buffet’s stand on taxes, his rebellion as a child (he skipped school on Mondays and Fridays) and his predictions about the future of television and technology.

Then Liza Mundy, author of The Richer Sex, which was recently featured on the cover of Time, talked about the impact of relationships where women outlearn their men.

Finally,  Candy Bergen called in on her way to a matinee performance of her new Broadway play, Gore Vidal’s “The Best Man.”

Show Clips:

Barry Diller Discusses Aereo on wowOwow Radio on SiriusXM

Barry Diller: “Buffett Rule” & Best Part of Being a Billionaire on “wowOwow Radio” on SiriusXM

Candice Bergen: “Why I Turned Down 60 Minutes” on “wowOwow Radio” on SiriusXM

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3 Responses so far.

  1. avatar jjfnygrl says:

    I must take off every Wednesday! Just listened to your first show and loved it! Mr. Driller was thrilling to hear! I need to get The Richer Sex by Ms. Mundy. A subject that always needs to be talked about!
    And to end the show with my favorite tv journalist, Murphy Brown! Candace Bergen, you are truly a remarkable woman that I have admired for a very long time!
    To the hosts-both fascinating women that I could listen to all day long!
    Congrats on your first show!

    • avatar Joni Evans says:

      So happy to hear this!
      You know the expression: “Is anybody out there?”
      You are our first listener! Or at least the first listener to tell us what you think.
      Thank you, Jackie.

  2. avatar jjfnygrl says:

    Ms. Evans,
    Thrilled to be the first, but certainly not the last or only! You built it, they will come!
    On twitter and FB you asked for who we would like to hear and I did tweet a few names under my twitter name- I’m sure you will be able to figure it out(if not, ask Ms. McFadden to point me out)
    I totally forget to mention the treasure of the show! Ms. Smith was a fun surprise and Phone-in-Friend is a great idea! Wonderful to get a fun back story of the guest that we might not hear otherwise.
    Look forward to Ms. Ephron next week- would love to call in for that! Would be fun to have one of her wonderful sisters call in!