Thoughts for Mothers Everywhere

A Day to Celebrate, Cherish and Remember

Sending mother’s past and present all our thoughts.  May you cherish your time, memories and traditions.

This Mother’s Day, please remember the families in Nigeria whose daughters are missing.

Whose Mother’s Day Is It, Anyway?

It’s Kate’s first mother’s day. She and her husband both work full-time. Kate’s husband’s mom. Moms who are now grandmas are used to seeing their children on Mother’s Day, why would this year be any different. “I did not envision spending my first mother’s day lugging a million items, renting a …

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Remembering mom, and how she was usually right

It often takes time before we realize the wisdom imparted by our mothers, especially if it was drilled into us regularly as kids. We asked readers to share the moment when they realized Mom was right. Here are some of their stories, edited for space. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who has been a …

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Mother’s Day: recognizing the bereaved and how to survive.

All reminders that Mother’s Day is once again around the corner. With each of these reminders my stomach has soured. This year will technically be the first year I am allowed to participate in Mother’s Day for the other side. How loved and wanted those 6 embryos that were here for too brief a …

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Mother’s Day Through the Eyes of a Stepmom

I have never expected my stepsons to honor me on Mother’s Day. Plus, as a child I grew up having two stepmoms. Therefore, I understand this holiday through the lens of a child and a stepmom. The tension for the kids is horrible. One year he bought a bouquet of flowers and had the kids split …

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Mother’s Day: In Nigeria, a Day for Reflection

There are certain rogue elements of our society that are determined to confine our women and our culture to their distorted interpretation of religious teachings. Yet, the other side is this: Although my country and my people are filled with grief over this recent incident and the other attacks …

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  1. avatar Linda says:

    Happy Mothers Day to WOW! Mothers Day is so much more than giving birth, a day when all who you have been the mother in life for remember you as you remember each of them. I know terrific parents who fill shoes of being both mother and father.