When Do They Serve the Wine?

New Yorker Cartoonist Liza Donnelly shares a few cartoons from her latest book


What do women want?

The same thing as everyone else: happiness and eternal youth.

Acclaimed New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly charts the bittersweet rites of passage of women through their decades – from the awkward teen years to the crisis of becoming a quarter-lifer to unfortunate wardrobe choices that put the more mature woman at risk of being mistaken for a cougar. With her wry, self-deprecating wit, Donnelly celebrates the fact that laugh lines do come with age – as does invaluable wisdom.

Editor’s Note: Liza Donnelly, noted cartoonist for The New Yorker, is also the editor, with her husband, Michael Maslin, of the book Cartoon Marriage: Adventures in Love and Matrimony by The New Yorker’s Cartooning Couple. Liza’s newest book, When Do They Serve the Wine?: The Folly, Flexibility, and Fun of Being a Woman, was published November 1, 2010. Liza is the cartoon editor of RevolvingFloor.com. To visit Liza’s website, click here. To visit Liza’s blog, click here.

6 Responses so far.

  1. avatar J Holmes says:

    Love her cartoons – they put a smile on my face.  I hope to see more of her on WOW.

  2. avatar Lizzie R. says:

    These are just great. You really represent the women of today so well.

  3. avatar Joan Larsen says:

    Hi Liza . . . you have been busy, obviously very successful as I have bought your books for Christmas gifts, but you, dear Liza, have been missed lately.  Your videos — a first here as I remember — kept me fascinated as you made thinking of the clever ideas and drawing the ladies seem so easy – and so perfect.  I didn’t want them to end!!!  Right before Christmas, it was nice to see a selection and S L O W down and have a lot of big smiles and laughs — and nods in recognition of me or my friends.  Wishing you a world of success and please please stay with us, Liza!   Miss you, Joan

  4. avatar Rho says:

    Thanks so much, I really needed a few chuckles.

  5. avatar rocky rocky says:

    You’re in good form today, Liza. Very funny. “I’m worried that I’m not worried” hits the spot this morning. I’ve been thinking about my reluctant inner “editor.” Comes with age, I’m told. I figure it’s one of the sparkling benefits!

    • avatar georgia fatwood says:

      Hello Liza…rocky rocky….It is about editing isn’t it? “Economy” of line….Liza, the video is wonderful…so is your website. I am fascinated with discussions about process.
      Re: “It’s big,…” At one point I had gained so much weight that there was nothing “cute” in the way of clothing…Very discouraging when confronted with a dove gray pleated three piece doubleknit horror….(at 23…)..you know, clothes that made the hanger look fat…