10 Style Secrets for Looking Slimmer

Expert and author Charla Krupp on how to look thinner — with a few tricks from your wardrobe

Muffin tops … Jiggly arms … Buddha belly … Lovely Mother Nature did bless many of us with beautiful angles and curves, but sometimes, in some lighting and in some garments, these gifts can look a bit, well, exaggerated.

Nationally regarded style expert Charla Krupp has 1,000 tricks up her sleeve to looking slimmer — without dieting. From undergarments and dresses to nail polishes and high heels, Charla shares her time-tested secrets in her latest guide book, How to Never Look Fat Again (Springboard Press). When it comes to our bodies, Charla says, “It’s not you; it’s your clothes.” Click through this slideshow for 10 tips to a leaner-looking you.


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  1. avatar Lila says:

    Here we go again. Advice to wear pointy-toed three-inch stiletto heels, pencil skirts which I consider to be straitjackets for the legs, and certain ladies must lose the turtlenecks and wear v-necks no matter the weather. Ah, yes, bunions, claustrophobia and pneumonia all in the name of looking great.

  2. avatar Briana Baran says:

    This article with slide-show was run months ago, and it is no better now then it was previously. I am now completely compelled to go out and purchase shapewear, after all, Beyonce wears it!

    I can’t wear pencil skirts (which are simply a shorter version of hobble skirts, which are meant to suggest submission) because I have curves. We are not all cast from the same Northern European, flat-bodied, long-legged, narrow shouldered and swan-necked mold. Nor does this particular body type equate to physical perfection and every individual’s ideal.

    Do you know why Beyonce wears shapewear? Because a vast majority of her audience is suburban white girls and women who are obsessed with emaciation, and suburban, young white males who think women are supposed to look like five-foot praying mantises. No hips, thighs, butts or curves, just angles. She does it to fit an image, and to sell lots of CD’s, and to keep bringing in that cash. So that she can continue to frequent fancy venues…with her personal fan to keep her hair blowing around as it does in her videos so that she can maintain that priceless look. Of course I’m going to follow the example of such a rational human being.

    O, and to keep from jiggling during strenuous routines, because the rules state that a woman must not jiggle, bounce, or show softness in any way. My mother’s generation girdled themselves in heavy duty rubber and steel and bras like the superstructures of battleships so that not an ounce of flesh would move. They looked like tiny tanks, and they suffered the cost in poor circulation, horrible skin, loss of muscle tone and even cellulite (actual damage to tissue caused by restriction). Today’s fashionistas are insisting upon the same insanity. Shapewear is not healthy. It emphatically does not breathe, regardless of the advertisements to the contrary. Nor do pantyhose. And why is it so terribly hard to find a bra without that wretched padding? I am a small person with an unenhanced, but naturally large bust. I need neither padding that adds two cup sizes (which would make me a 36F…which would be ridiculous), nor to be pushed-up (I don’t need a shelf for my chin)…nor am I the least concerned about that horrible grotesquerie of nature, nipple show-through. Egads! As far as I am aware the vast majority of humans have two nipples (with exceptions both natural and surgical), and if they happen to peek out, why is that considered sluttish and obscene?

    I have a short neck, and I’m going to keep wearing my long earrings that I love. I am not going to wear pencil skirts that gap at my waist and the dip over my butt, then make my ass look hugely protuberant (but never wide). My backside may be big, but it’s still wear it’s supposed to be, and it looks pretty good for an old broad’s backside in jeans, even with (lord above) bling. I have wide feet, and they are supremely healthy, pretty feet with no callouses, bunions, or corns…because I don’t squish them into those godawful long, skinny, pointy-toed travesties with spike heels. Personally, I think such shoes make women’s feet look like canoes, and the bigger the feet, the lumpier and more ungainly the appearance. Nor do they flatter the leg at all. I do believe that the Wicked Witch of the East died with similar footwear under a fallen house…could be the Fashion Police got her.

    If WoW wants to discuss our fatness and faults, why not run an intelligent article (you know, without advice to cut off body parts, or fill it in with toxins, or tell us how old, ugly and sexless we are becoming) on realistic exercise (not fad diets…because dieting does not work…only serious lifestyle changes), and eating right, and health, happiness (sans astrology and angelic or spirit guides) and truly finding one’s inner as well as outer beauty. This article is a sorry and woeful example a taking the lowest common denominator…bowing to conformity and being ashamed of one’s individuality…and running with it.

  3. avatar christine woodley says:

    Three inch stilettos with pointy toes. Great, and your friends can visit your new slim self on a traction board when your back gives out. Please get real.

  4. avatar Maggie W says:

    This is an article I may have been interested in my late teens. At that time, I met Betsy and other new girl buddies at the university. We all wanted to be svelte, tanned, and sexy all over. We worked at that diligently. Not so much Betsy, however. She was about 30 pounds over weight and after several failed diets, she decided to get on with life without constantly worry about calorie intake. And that she did!

    In late September of this year, I met her for lunch. She wore an ill fitting sundress with huge sunflowers, a big gaudy brooch ( her signature; she was never without one), and Jesus sandals. I walked away with laugh lines. On November 10, I attended her funeral. I walked away in tears.

    There were approximately 400 people at the funeral and from all walks of life. Betsy had touched many people through her charities and volunteerism. No one cared about her sunflower dress and orthopedic sandals. No one cared if she had back fat or jiggly arms.

    I am sure Charla Krupp means well, but I really don’t need or want ” tricks” to look slimmer or better. Been there; done that. I’m in a different tme and place now.

  5. avatar grace10 says:

    I won’t wear 3 inch stilettos with pointy toes but I appreciate any tips and advice that will help me look my best.  I might even consider plastic surgery someday.  I do what feels right for me.  Confidence and kindness and strength is more important than beauty but, heck, I want to look good too.

  6. avatar cheresad says:

    Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin – or in this case, clothing. For those who are confident in their own bodies, HALLELUJA! I celebrate with you! But for those of us who need a boost, some of us fund our best selves come out when we feel confident in our clothing.

    Whatever you decide to wear – or not to wear – is entirely up to you. Just be you and the rest will take care of itself.

    By the way, I love how my legs look in my red patent leather three-inch spike heels – which also workout muscles that are otherwise stagnant in “sensible” shoes – but I can’t wear them all day every day. As with wine and dessert, if you do everything on moderation, it can all be good for you – spiritually, emotionally and physically.



    Thanks for the great tips, Charla!

  7. avatar Yoshiandi says:

    I looked at this and laughed. You cannot wear micro-minis and shorts after the age of 25?????? So skirts just above the knee are fine no matter how hot your hubby thinks you look in a short skirt and anyone living in Florida must wear pants or their alternate some-what-shorter Capris only??? o.O
    As for the pointy toe shoes; yes, I see those and think wicked witch shoes. I am 5’3″ and putting those on just makes me look funny.
    And how about ideas that are realistic for those of us that aren’t as thin as the author?? Her picture on the book makes her look stereotype of thin women, which we all are not.

  8. avatar Janet says:

    Today is Intl Women’s Day and this is the article you post.  I came here to see your coverage of the women worldwide standing on bridges, especially where women’s rights are not so developed as they are here, and this is what I find. Women’s reproductive autonomy is under attack here in the U.S.  Women worldwide are losing their kids to war.  Given the tremendous accomplishments and experience of each of you, wow could be an assertive voice for women along with the diet tips and gossip and horoscope. I’ve been here since Day 1 and I’m so disappointed.

  9. avatar Briana Baran says:

    This is the third time for this loathsome travesty of an article. The Third Time, and on International Women’s Day. How enchanting. Are we in reality celebrating International Hate Yourself as a Woman Day? Or, God, I Hate My Deformed and Imperfect Body Day?
    Buddha belly?
    Muffin Top?
    Jiggly arms?
    Instead of standing on that bridge, celebrating our gender, demanding our reproductive rights, (even in the USA, where women like Sarah Palin and her Christian Dominionist supporters would return us to the status of property as chattels), why don’t we just throw our chubby bodies off those bridges since we can never live up to the impossible standards of society’s conformist, emaciation-driven norms?
    Repeating this article on this day is an outrage and an insult to independent, intelligent, thinking women. You ought to be ashamed, women of WoW.

  10. avatar pursegirl says:

    These are great tips. I also like many of the new clothing items that add elastic to hug and hold in certain body parts.
     If it says Instantly Slims, it Instantly Sells!