10 Ways to De-Stress Anytime, Anywhere

Do life’s demands have you pulling your hair out? Drs. Stephanie McClellan and Beth Hamilton are here with the answers you need

Ever feel pressured, rushed, edgy or just totally exhausted? Have you experienced sleep problems, loss of sex drive, weight gain, or suffered from chronic pain or heart problems? These issues, not surprisingly, are directly related to stress level. But fret no more: the slideshow below reveals 10 easy ways to lift your spirits and diffuse your tension. So relax — and enjoy!


Dr. Stephanie McClellan and Dr. Beth Hamilton are the authors of So Stressed: The Ultimate Stress-Relief Plan for Women. Their practice, specializing in gynecology and women’s health, is based in Newport Beach, CA. Follow them on Twitter here

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  1. avatar Joan Larsen says:

    My own favorite advice:  Learn how to say NO.  There are so many different ways of saying it without offending another person, i.e. could we put it off for a week? and i could go on forever.  Make the other person feel good is easier than you might think. 

    Forget being SUPERWOMAN.  Once you have the reputation, much is expected and the expectations will come back to haunt you and run you down.

    Share responsibilities — there is something about teamwork at work or at home that more often than not draws people closer, doing things for a common cause. 

    Definitely have a room all your own with a door you can shut and the interior filled with color and light and things that warm your heart.  Get the family get used to seeing you drop into your space and respect your privacy.  If done right, you come up often renewed and refreshed.

    Hopefully, have a best friend — the kind of friend who was listen when you need it most.  Just talking it out allows you to go forward without that stone of worry on your back.  And in some cases, in talking, you come up with a solution.

    I find that deep breaths and chocolate certainly don’t hurt, but the results are short-lived.  You really must have more long-term plans at the ready as the stress I am thinking of is usually not of the short-lived variety and should be treated with changes in life, changes in lifestyle, and some deep thinkng on some of these ways to turn your life around.

  2. avatar jwil5423 says:

    Some of it I agree with, some of it I don’t, but I solved my stress problems by doing a couple of things;
    1) Stop hurrying. In everything.
    2) No coffee. Tea only
    3) Walk to the train station and commute to work rather than drive. It’s less stressful and I get some exercise.
    4) Read or meditate on the train. It works!
    5) Be the change you want to see. That thought alone has changed my attitude.
    6) Be positive. That can also change everything you do in a day.