12 Easy Ways to Get Healthy

Spring has sprung! Just in time for the new season, certified natural chef Patty James shares some simple changes that offer a lifetime of benefits


So many women I meet are determined to do whatever it takes to regain their good health. They fill their cupboards with healthier foods, revamp their diet and start a daily gym regimen — all in one fell swoop. A week later, they’re so sore they can’t walk and hungry from eating nothing but broccoli. The solution? Think small and sustainable. Big changes you can’t maintain will leave you feeling disappointed, paving the way to the Ben & Jerry’s. Instead, make one small change a week; soon enough, they’ll become ingrained habits that will produce a new, healthier you!

Patty James is a certified natural chef with a master’s degree in holistic nutrition. She founded the Patty James Cooking School and Nutrition Center, the first certified organic cooking school in the country. The author of More Vegetables, Please!, Patty also runs Shine the Light on America’s Kids, an organization that educates children on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

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