Spring’s Sexiest Fashions (Photos)

Sharon Hoge shares the hottest trends of the new season


There’s no question who’s putting the levity into two thousand eleven. From airy gowns and clever cutouts to pert silk rompers and corset-inspired inner/outerwear, we’ll be wearing clothes that combine frothy lightness and flippant wit. Here are a few of the themes that caught our eye.

Editor’s Note: Sharon King Hoge specializes in consumer and travel journalism both in print and on radio and television. The former Consumer Reporter at WBZ-TV and producer/host of “The Sharon King Show” in Boston, she reported on ABC network news, hosted “The Cookbook Kitchen” on the Food Channel and participated in the launch of CNBC. A Contributing Editor at Condé Nast Traveler and Global Traveler magazines, her writing has appeared in Forbes Executive Woman, SELF, Ladies Home Journal, and National Review.

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  1. avatar Amaterasu says:

    I guess I’m out of the loop, I wouldn’t wear any of those outfits above. And those models are way too skinny. I thought they were gonna stop letting those girls model if they were too skinny.

    • avatar Jan Hall says:

      It’s not you who’s out of the loop, Amaterasu.  If I were 20, if I weighed 100 lbs, if I had the money, if I had the occasions, I might consider buying something shown above, but for most women these “trends” (whatever that means) are totally useless. 

      Why not go into a normal clothing or department store and show what they’re showing this season. 

      P.S. – I live in Arizona and wear shorts or sundresses most of the time – – life couldn’t be easier.

      • avatar Amaterasu says:

        Jan, I live in Arkansas, and also wear shorts and sundresses mostly with sandels or flip flops. I do like to go out on occasion and that’s when I wear the more dressy longer shorts with a cute top. It works!

      • avatar Briana Baran says:

        “Why not go into a normal clothing or department store and show what they’re showing this season.”
        Because most of it is ghastly, restrictive, bland, very short and boring. And made for precisely the same shape of female displayed in this slide-show…no butt, no breasts, straight up and down, short waist, long legs.
        I don’t shop the clothing departments of the “top stores” or the mall clothing stores at all anymore. I shop the internet almost exclusively. Not only do I spend less time, and a lot less money, but the people I talk to on websites are extraordinarily helpful, honest and reasonable, will take the measurements I give them, listen to my experiences and knowledge of what works for me, make excellent suggestions, and work hard to make the right decisions for both of us. No tiresome, condescending sales women insisting that some hideous must-have is “so me” when I know it will make me look like a dumpy, legless, washed-out sausage.
        I live in Houston, and I live in long, comfortable sundresses and sandals, peasant skirts and small t-shirts, or a swimsuit most of the year. When it gets cool, not-mom jeans and Dr, Martens.

  2. avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

    I can appreciate the artistry of the designs and the beauty of the fabrics!  They are truly amazing; especially the crochet work.  I also know that these pieces are basically unwearable.  I will watch to see how these things inspire others who design for the rest of the world. After all that, I still doubt I would wear any of it. Still fun to see how it starts.  I agree with Amatersu that the models are too thin and that the so called pledge not to use such thin models is not being followed.  I don’t think anyone ever intended to follow that pledge.

    • avatar Amaterasu says:

      Deirdre, glad to know someone appreciate’s the fashion. I guess if I shopped on Rodao Dr. I might like those styles. Some of them aren’t so bad, but most of them aren’t something you would wear just everyday.
      And yes, It’s a shame they don’t follow the pledge to not allow them to model that thin, I know those girls probably make good money, but you know they have to starve themselves to look like that.

  3. avatar Rho says:

    Beautiful, I only saw two I can still wear.  I am much too old for most of them.

  4. avatar central coast cabin home says:

    Ben & Jerrys anyone? How about a Snickers girls? BTW when was the last time any of you had a normal period? My sympathy……

  5. avatar central coast cabin home says:

    P.S. no sexy here, sorry.

  6. avatar Briana Baran says:

    Ah, not only has the industry failed to honor their cross-fingered agreement to limit the emaciation of their runway models, they seem to have exceeded even the former levels of starvation exhibited by these wasted, skeletal appearing wraiths. They are completely androgynous…the only reason that we can make a guess at their gender…in some of the outfits…is because the clothing appears to be feminine. Perhaps they are advertising for charity for the ravages of AIDs…it is so hard to tell.
    Some of the styles are not unwearable with a bit of adjustment for materials and flamboyance. Some are strictly ludicrous. Some are entertaining. The sheers are replays of styles that used to appear in a catalog called French Boot Shop that my mother received in the ’60’s and early ’70’s…I recall her calculating just how she could get away with a sheer white voile blouse (she couldn’t, but she tried anyway)…and Bianca Jagger appearing at public fetes in totally transparent black, sans any dainties whatsoever. Everything new is old…Princess Josephine promoted the wearing of sheer bodiced gowns (worn while bathing, which she was a strict adherent to, and proponent of, and allowed to dry on the body to enhance the material’s ability to cling to the nipples) during the reign of Napoleon.
    I’m not sure exactly how many times fashion is going to attempt the underwear as outerwear trend…but I do so wish they would do it with a bit more imagination. Sigh. Yawn. I always love flowing shapes, and longer hem-lines (not all of us have those lengthy gams, and I am bandy legged) and interesting Asian influences…but good grief, no more flowers…please, unless they’re in your hair, or in clever prints…not muumuu or house-dress designs, or, worse, all of these flowers hanging off of everything, everywhere. I live in Texas. I am reasonably certain I would find a snake or two hiding in my dress what with all of those luxurious fabric blooms clinging to me. I’d rather the snakes, actually.