15 Jewels to Die For

Bracelets and cuffs and rings, oh my! wowOwow celebrates dazzling creations from the vaunted house of Cartier

Women of taste have coveted jewelry designed by the house of Cartier for more than 150 years. High Jewelry by Cartier traces the artistic threads and historic sources that have shaped the firm’s distinctive style. Flip through this slideshow and you’ll see what we mean…



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  1. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    So, do we get a discount for saying we saw it on wowOwow?

  2. avatar Linda Myers says:

    Very nice! I like most of the colored stones, diamonds – take them or leave them. Bracelets are a bit much.

  3. avatar Lizzie R. says:

    Well, I already have a lot of these already. I do enjoy them so much.

  4. avatar Mary says:

    I love looking at these, beautiful.  I don’t have any occasion to wear them however.  Also makes me wonder about how bad the economy realy is?  Ok ok, I know and I still enjoy window shopping.

  5. avatar Briana Baran says:

    Ah, well, thinking of what happens to the people who mine the vast majority of the diamonds that the rich and shameless require rather kills the thrill for me. And the House of Cartier is very reluctant to give any information as to the source of those gems in these, ahem, enlightened times.
    I do love colored stones, particularly the semi-precious variety. I collect lovingly crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces (expensive to me, well, yes…but nowhere near the stratospheric prices commanded by these if-you-have-to-ask, forget-it items), and have a few unusual designer bits from Carrera-y-Carrera.
    Diamonds just leave me cold…from the hideous means by which most are harvested, to the simply awful, better purchase her something bigger and better or she won’t love you any more advertising directed at, and only at men. From promise, pre-engagement, engagement, wedding, anniversary, milestone, three-stone event, journey and still more anniversary rings, to upgrades on engagement rings (I thought it was supposed to be a promise of love, loyalty and commitment. What, he has to spend more to prove he’s sticking around?), to push presents to be delivered after, mmm, delivery. What, women are to be rewarded for being the ones biologically engineered to carry and deliver children? With diamonds? The baby isn’t enough reward in and of its little, brand new person-hood? The industry is loathsome. Yuck.
    Let’s try something besides Cartier next time…perhaps in silver, with which many artists are doing spectacular work. In a sense. Cartier is just a bit, well, the-thing-to-do when one has more money than sense.

    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      As someone rich and shameless once put it,  there are two things a woman doesn’t mind trading in for a larger size.  A bra. And a diamond ring.  And very often a bigger bra means a bigger diamond ring.  As one of the Gabors once put it, “no boobies, no rubies.” 
      As any jeweler will tell you if you promise not to tell, diamonds are really not that rare. The pricing, well, PT Barnum would love it.  Even the “vivids” as some refer to them, the extremely deeply hued colored diamonds, are a matter of what the buyer, particularly at auction, is willing to pay rather than a matter of their rarity.  

      What makes one Picasso worth $50,000 and another worth $50,000,000?  The auctioneer.

      Same with diamonds. And the “blood diamonds” are still very much part of the market as you point out. Despite the assertion that they’re not. 

      Still, the rich are getting richer.  They have to spend it somewhere.  Doesn’t create jobs. But certainly makes the jewelers happy.

      • avatar Linda Myers says:

        To me Saphire is more valuable than diamonds, it is just the worth we give the stone. Years ago I ordered a five pound pink Quartz and I still love it. Then I went down to Arkansas and spent some time in the mountains and found the chunks of stones laying all over the ground and people using them for door stops, but smart enough yet to know what they used as discard had a market elsewhere.
        I love black onyx, but when I put it on, my body feels like I stuck my finger in a light socket. Watches, forget it. After putting them on they always quit working. But it is fun to look and see the beauty of the stones. I like your Gabor quote! 🙂

        • avatar Baby Snooks says:

          The Gabors. The wit as well as the wisdom. Eva and her boobies and her rubies.  She loved to tease as well as she did with Edward Albert who chastisted her for wearing ostrich feathers. He of course a big animal rights activist.  She just deadpanned him with “Dollink, don’t be silly, feathers don’t come from birds. They come from pillows.”

  6. avatar Donna H says:

    I know they’re real, but in my opinion, the flowers look like the kind of kitschy costume jewelry my Gram used to wear. It just makes me think of her in elastic-waisted pants, a pastel sweatshirt/sweater with a design of flowers or kittens, & some sort of gaudy, cheap jewelry flower.
    I’ve seen ads for the Cartier “Love” bracelet.  As I understand, it has to be screwed on.  That says “control” more than love to me.
    Just my opinion.

    • avatar Baby Snooks says:

      Carved and sculpted precious and semi-precious gems are actually works of art and quite spectacular as well as quite expensive and a photo really cannot capture their beauty.

      As for the “love bracelet” I suppose it is a modern version of the chastity belt. The man gets a little screwdriver instead of a key.