16 Swimming Pools to Dive For

Summertime, and the living is … sticky. In honor of cooling off in style, wOw presents a dazzling array of divine dips from around the world



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  1. avatar Joan Larsen says:

    Some of these infinity pools are truly beautiful — but staying there can put most people in the poor house fast these days.  Most of us who are taken with infinity pools can find some of the most beautiful in Las Vegas.  The accommodations are being “given away” this year – I was just there – and there are a number of classy hotels that offer one or more of these pools.

    As I am generally a polar person, the infinity pool — 30 meters long for the kind of long-distance swimming I love to do — is in Jackson Hole looking out on the Grand Tetons.  The temperature outside can be 27 degrees and snowy but the outdoor pool stays at 80 degrees — and for me, it is the best of all possible worlds, surrounded by the beauty of the Tetons, crowned with the frosting of snow, and me swimming outdoors. 

    • avatar Linda Myers says:

      Twice I was invited to travel to Jackson Hole and could not because of work schedules. One day, I will make it there!

      • avatar Joan Larsen says:

        Ohh Linda, after a lifetime travelling to as many wonderful spots as I could, I still consider The Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole pretty much a world apart.  There is a peace, a serenity there, and when you are in the throes of making decisions, the change of scene to this scene is the right move.  I don’t know about you but mountain scenery exerts a pull on me, and earlier, I would be on the trails upward each time we went.  I know it well I would say.  Mostly I tend to stay in Teton Village, edging on the mountains in a Swiss chalet that fits the setting.  Idyllic.

        In my life, I have made certain places that I think will move me a goal of sorts and that gave me the impetus to go.  You know the song “Make the world go away . . ” ?  Well, this area and a few others in the U.S. make me come away a new person — and that is worth its weight in gold to me.

        I hope you do get an opportunity.!!!!

        • avatar Linda Myers says:

          I love the mountains and the ocean, maybe that is why I spent so many vacations in Southern CA.I fell in love with the ocean at Padre Island 40 years ago, long before the tourist industry seemed to have, and a couple of years later on the coast of Oregon. Closer in, your Lake Michigan is incredible as well.

          I hope 2012 brings the ability to travel again regularly. I so appreciate your sharing and those on WOW, who allow the visits I might not see otherwise. Traveling through your eyes/words, as well as Mary’s – it makes this world seem quite a bit closer.

  2. avatar Daisy1011 says:

    you must have a good time there !!!