3 Easy Steps to Low-Maintenance Hair

Look great this spring — without using a blow-dryer!

Whether your hair is curly, wavy, straight, long or short, low-maintenance hair all comes down to a simple program, with a few key points: less shampoo, more conditioner and no blow-drying. Follow these instructions, making adjustments depending on how your hair looks and feels when it’s dry; the entire process will take less than five minutes. Give the program a few months to see how great your hair will be. After all, you’ve probably been abusing it for years!: brush, comb, blow-dryer (except on occasion)

Products you will need
: shampoo without sulfates, conditioner, styling gel, an old white t-shirt or hair towel, hair clips

Products you will no longer need

Step 1: Cleanse

  • Use shampoo once a week (or never), and just water and conditioner on the other days.
  • Put conditioner on ends.
  • Gently massage scalp under shower, using a tiny bit of shampoo (if you want), and rinse well.
  • Apply a full tablespoon of conditioner to hair, including top of head, and work through with fingers (add more if needed).
  • Rinse for five seconds, to distribute, not to remove the conditioner (this is a key step in the program).
  • Flip head over, bending forward, and gently squeeze hair up from the ends to the roots to remove excess water, before stepping out of the shower

Step 2: Position

  • Use your fingers to sculpt and position your hair — not a brush, comb or blow-dryer.
  • Bend forward, and use t-shirt or hair towel to gently scrunch your hair toward your scalp in an upward, accordion motion (very gently, to avoid frizz).
  • Still bending over, take a small amount of gel or some other styling product (using it helps keep frizz away), and scrunch the gel into hair. Start at the back of the head and distribute with scrunching movements, all around.
  • Straighten up, and see where your hair falls naturally.
  • Using fingers, position it the way you would like it to look when it’s dry.
  • To keep hair from being flat on top, use one-inch hair clips to lift a bit at the crown
  • Let your hair air-dry if possible — but if it isn’t, then use a diffuser on the blow-dryer at the lowest setting (the whole idea is to not move your hair while it’s drying).

Step 3: Refresh

  • Take a spray bottle and fill it with water, a few drops of lavender oil for fragrance and a little bit of conditioner.
  • Mix well, bend forward, spritz on your hair (or into your hands) and gently scrunch.
  • To help keep frizz at bay, keep a spray bottle filled with olive oil (and add a few drops of lavender oil). Use a tiny bit when your hair is dry to help get rid of frizz, and add a little extra shine.

Editor’s Note: Barbara Hannah Grufferman is the author of The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money and More.

2 Responses so far.

  1. avatar crystalclear says:

    Interesting hair tips but none of the above steps would I ever get away with!  I have a “bob” which requires daily attention plus I love washing my hair every day. 

    I can see where the above steps would be fine on curly hair but not straight hair IMO.   Thanks for the tips anyway.  Perhaps there will be more wowOwow ladies who would be happy with the low maintenance approach.    This wowOwow lady will be just fine with daily shampoo, conditioner, spray on volumizer and, yes, my three brushes and hair dryer unless, of course, I break one of my arms. 

    • avatar Lila says:

      “… unless I break one of my arms.” LOL, one of my greatest fears too! In Germany I knew a single female Lieutenant with very thick, curly hair, which she wore in a bun. She broke her arm and was in a cast, yet still her hair was always perfect. Curious, I asked her how the heck she was doing it, since I could not imagine what I would do in the same situation (my husband helpfully offered that he would just tie my hair in a knot). Turned out she would come to work early with her hair loose, hoping not to be much noticed, and ask the first female she saw to help her put it up. It worked out very well, but I imagine she was relieved to get out of the cast.