60 Is The New Sexy

From Debbie Harry to Diane Keaton to Diane von Furstenberg, these 26 women of a certain age prove that 60 isn’t what it used to be – it’s so much more[slideshow]

Fifty is the new 40, 40 the new 30 … you get the picture. So what does that make 60? The new sexy, of course! Lately we’ve been talking about a crop of fabulous women who prove that with age comes wisdom – and the wOw factor, that je nais se quois that turns heads and changes minds, especially when it comes to the new meaning of growing older. Flip through this slide show to check out 26 women who have redefined another decade.

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  1. avatar Lizzie R. says:

    They all look just great, but they are in the public eye and must look younger, and have the funds to keep that yourhful look.  Take the average 60+ woman off the street & you will see a different look. Botox, fillers and fat grafts are amazing at keeping the face still youthful, and even a lift to pull up that sagging chin.The cost of all this is too much for the average person to keep up on a regular basis. With some 60s you could say “Sixty is the new 70.”

  2. avatar Joan Larsen says:

    Let’s be honest.  Haven’t most of us gotten to the age where we realize that no matter the money spent on making us look younger, we just aren’t going to be the sexy 40 again — in looks???  But wisdom was mentioned.  My God, we didn’t add those years without accumulating wisdom . . . and along with the knowledge and “smarts” gained, we made gains in our lives that some of us never would have believed.  We had confidence, we had style — but style that fit our age and made us look pretty smashing — but a lot of us have grabbed life itself and made it work for us.  Peppiness, exhilaration, beautiful smiles and long strides in walking — like we are on the top of the world — make us desirable.  I don’t know about everyone else but I want a mature man who knows people, can make intelligent conversation — and for me, it would be wonderful if he has the zen the travel to the ends of the earth as I do.  (If he already doesn’t, he will fast.  It always works!!) 

    Life, I have found, can be shorter than we might expect.  .  . so I don’t believe in wasting time.  Wasting time is sitting around home thinking and wishing you were young and sexy and gorgeous.  There are other attributes that attract the people that are most like you — and that is what truly works.  You may look your age — or close to it — but if your personality comes alive, you can be a magnet.  Over the hill?  I think not.  I know not.  Others recognize “wonderful” — so let’s try for that!!!!!!

    • avatar Lila says:

      Joan, as always you get right to the heart of what’s important!  I’d like to see the pendulum of our culture swing back around to a good healthy respect for that wisdom, or at least experience, which comes with those sags and wrinkles.  I’d like to live in a world where, when a little old lady comes along, the reaction is, “Now here comes someone who knows some things!”  Sadly, our emphasis on youth and beauty and sexiness effectively marginalizes entire generations, simply for the years in which they were born.

  3. avatar Chris Glass` says:

    It would be nice to be accepted in society just as we are. Some people are blessed with a genetic makeup that will always remain youthful. Others work hard to maintain that effect and some buy the best plastic surgery they can afford. Most of us would like to be accepted for ourselves wrinkles and all because the person inside the body is worth knowing. Our personalities and zest for life is more important than the package. I’ve never chosen my friends on the basis of appearance.

  4. avatar D C says:

    Didn’t WOW do this just a few months ago?  Show us a bunch of women who have almost unliminted means and access to amazing cosmetic surgeons?  I mean heck, if I win the Mega Millions Lottery tonight, I might just go ahead and get that boob lift, tummy tuck, neck lift and eyelid raising done that would make me just about perfect (for a little while, til I have to do it again)… Back then, when the photo/article was done a few months ago, several complained that it was tacky to have a site about empowering women and showing them what they COULD be if only they were as rich as these.  I think Nora Ephron has probably not had any work done… but I also don’t know that I would call her physical image sexy.  Her brain is damn sexy though. 

  5. avatar Maggie W says:

    Last week, while in the grocery store, a cart was blocking the narrow aisle. An elderly lady was busy surveying a shelf . She did not see me, and I did not want to startle her. I was surveying her as I waited. When she turned, she said, “ Oh, sweetheart… why didn’t you say something? I was in my own world!” I replied, “ You look beautiful today.” I meant that sincerely. She had on a lovely dress, her shoulder length hair was a gorgeous shade of silver, and her make up was perfect. She laughed and said, “ Honey, no.. not anymore. I am 85 years old. But let me tell you something. When I was much younger ,and when it was important, I was beautiful and could turn heads.”
    She did not realize that she is indeed beautiful, and she had turned my head. I’m certain I have not been the only one.

  6. avatar Mary says:

    I am going to be 60 in 2011!  I have spent most of being 59 thinking that I just dread being 60 , that was until yesterday when I had lunch with my best friend who is just a few months younger.  We had a great time, laughed like teenagers, enjoyed the food, and friendship.  We were ourselves and we will each continue to be ourselves, fun loving, hair dying, makeup loving, healthy food eating, (the occasional unhealthy eating), life loving people we are right now.  We may change how we look, you know a few extra little laugh lines, worry lines about our children, little age spots we will continue to insist are sun spots, but we will wear them well.  I still feel 25, ( my favorite age).    As long as we continue what we are doing, we will always be beautiful to each other. 

  7. avatar Deeliteful says:

    All these “fabulous 60’s” do for me is remind me that I have neither the means nor time to look so youthful.  Show us the average over 60 woman and let’s see how she looks without the money,  surgery, personal trainer and time to devote to her looks.  I want to look as good as I can for as long as I can, but let’s be realistic!  I will be 60 next year, work a full time job, had some health issues that have caused considerable weight gain in the past 2 years. and I still feel 25 until I look in the mirror. 

  8. avatar Miss Lee says:

    I’m 55 soon to be 56 and this is my best year ever!  I would never go back to the hangups and insecurities that marked my 20’s and the rush to keep up with job and kids of my 30s and 40s.  I have my lumps and bumps, sags and bags but, thanks to pilates and yoga, and in great shape…not 25 year old shape but I am not trying to be 25 or even 45.  I am just who I am and really glad to be so.  It would be a waste to always be looking backward and miss my present and future!  As for sexy and beautiful in the current American sense of the word, I don’t even think about it.  Conforming to societies expectations is one of the stresses that I have left behind.  Finally I am free to be me.