7 Ways to Wear Your Little Black Dress

Every woman has one, but how do you keep your LBD from looking stale? “Mad Men” costume designer Janie Bryant to the rescue!

Like a freshly stretched blank canvas, the little black dress desperately seeks color and texture and definition. Its beauty lies in its utter devotion to your whims. Consider it a supplicant to your style and play Picasso!

The most shape-shifting of silhouettes is the simple crepe wool or cotton sheath, preferably sleeveless. That design lends itself to untold translations with the addition of a few transformative accessories — so much so, in fact, that no one will even notice that your trusty frock has been out almost every night for the past week. Flip through this slideshow for fun ways to dress it up or down — and for more fabulous fashion tips from star stylist Janie Bryant, check out her book The Fashion File.



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  1. avatar Lisa Bonnice says:

    I hate to ask the incredibly obvious, but what’s up with the stick figures???

  2. avatar Mandy McNalis says:

    Wow, those sketches are just so realistic and easy to relate to for so many women! Kudos on picking images for your article that depict that so often seen in the wild US size of -5! I don’t know about the rest of the people who will go through your slide show, but I know that seeing stick figures (like myself, of course!) has made my confidence and feeling of self-worth just SKYROCKET! Thanks again! You’re doing such a fantastic service to all the women of the world with your dead-on, accurate representations of what women actually look like and what fashion options will look like on an average woman of the world!