Spruced Up for the Holidays

Dearest wOw friends:

Welcome to our new platform. Some of you may not even notice the difference (after all our hard work!) but we think it’s snazzy: simpler and more streamlined. Happily, we’ve found a way to transfer all pre-existing wOw accounts and passwords, so no heavy lifting on your end. If you have a moment, tell us what you think.

xoxo JONI

85 Responses so far.

  1. avatar Barbara H. says:

    Congratulations… Beautiful look…very sleek and much easier on the eyes. Easy to use as well. Good work!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  2. avatar Rho says:

    I like it, but was hard to login. Thanks, looks great. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  3. avatar Baby Snooks says:

    Someone misplaced all the previous comments on all the current columns although I guess in my case, that’s a good thing. “I never said such a thing…”

    Other than that, well, the format is much better.

  4. avatar Lila Kuh says:

    Joni, some issues:

    — Can’t upload an avatar (error: upload directory doesn’t exist)
    — Can’t see other users’ profiles as we could before
    — Can’t reply to other users’ comments
    — Comments on the older articles have disappeared
    — No mechanisms for quotes, italics, bold, etc in composing comments
    — The “contact us” link is not working or I would have sent this in that way

    There may be more that I have not found or noticed yet…

  5. avatar Lila Kuh says:

    In short – the best thing about this site is the ability to directly converse with other users and that seems not to be possible now.

  6. avatar Maggie W says:

    Easy on the eyes. Very nice, thank you. However, I have the same concerns as
    Lila Kuh.

  7. avatar Badfaerie says:

    No, I did not change my user-name for purposes sinister and malignant. My old password (which I confirmed on my storage site) had become disabled. When I attempted to create a new password, the site’s obvious glitches cratered my computer, and I had to shut down my machine and reset. I have just spent the last 45 minutes creating a new account, during which time problems unique to this site (I only had WoW and my email sites open) caused my computer to lock-down twice more, the second requiring consultation with my IT administrator/professional husband. Not good, Joni.

    The last revamp of WoW was just a minor bit of irritation. This is a virtual debacle. O, it has a nice, clean, crisp look to it. Of course, it seems all of the older comments have vanished, along with everyone’s avatars. And none of the features so desperately needed (such as “Contact Us”, Password Reset, and many others) are inaccessible. What a shame. And I share Lila’s doubtfulness regarding the absence of italics, bold, and quotes, the ability to respond directly to others, and accessibility of profiles.

    However, I do suppose it is nice to finally have an active spell-check tending to our comments. I also know that revamps of this nature are usually costly…as can be attending to the glitches caused by putting style over substance. A site should have a firm utilitarian foundation, not just be trendy and easy on the eyes. In this sense, the Fall Update is not, so far, a success.

    Badfaerie (fnord)
    Formerly Briana Baran

    • avatar Badfaerie says:

      Argh, that was meant to be “accessible”, not “inaccessible” regarding features on the site.This is what over an hour of struggling with a site can do to my feeble brain. And I observe that we can now reply to each other. Splendid.

  8. avatar Deeliteful says:

    Ok, now I can respond…I have same concerns that Lila Kuh has, especially: “In short – the best thing about this site is the ability to directly converse with other users and that seems not to be possible now”

    I’ll give it a few days for y’all to sort out the bugs before I stop visiting this site. Thank you.

  9. avatar Deeliteful says:

    Oh yeah, like Badfaerie, I had to create another account, because when I tried to sign in under old account, using correct password, I was told that user name was already taken and to choose another. A few glitches, indeed.

    • avatar Community Manager says:

      Deeliteful – can you email me at talk-to-us [at] wowowow.com with your original username and I’ll get your accounts sorted out. Thanks!

  10. avatar Donna H says:

    I had no trouble logging in. However, I miss the little “Welcome, DonnaH” at the top that told me I was logged in. I had no idea if I was logged in or not until I started to post.

  11. avatar Donna H says:

    I’m not happy about this stuff missing, either (thanks, Lila Kuh)

    – Can’t upload an avatar (error: upload directory doesn’t exist)
    – Can’t see other users’ profiles as we could before
    – Can’t reply to other users’ comments
    – Comments on the older articles have disappeared
    – No mechanisms for quotes, italics, bold, etc in composing comments
    – The “contact us” link is not working or I would have sent this in that way

  12. avatar Bonnie O says:

    Joni –
    I concur with all the above comments. If the website plans to discontinue the “reply” function or the storage of previously made comments or the specializied printing functions, please let us know.

  13. avatar Lizzie R. says:

    All I can say is…”HUH?” Why is it that ” improvments” often turn out to be not that?Sometimes change is hard, but if the change loses so much that was good then there is a reasson for it being hard. I suppose there is a reason for this, but losing the avatars/more makes it a less attractive place to visit, and losing the “past” makes it even more so. I hope this can return to some of what we all enjoyed so about this.

  14. avatar Community Manager says:

    Good morning/afternoon everyone!

    Thank you for the kind words so far and the details of what isn’t working. It helps us prioritize and well, get it right.

    Reply function is working now
    Avatar upload is being worked on. We’re trying to see if one of the Thanksgiving turkeys was seeking revenge between the time of testing and pushing the new site
    Links to user profiles: will get that fixed
    Contact Us and other footer links: Fixing ASAP
    Fancy HTML editor for comments (quotes, italics, bold): We can work on putting this in. In the prior site we received a number of complaints that these features (and abuse by some) actually made the site harder to read. You can use html tags if you know them such as b and /b (both in <>) for bold; i and /i for italics.
    Comments from archived/older articles: We did not migrate all of the articles from the prior site as they didn’t mesh with some of the new content offerings and direction wOw is looking to take. Therefore, parsing comments of users of articles coming over v. not was not as practical or efficient as we would have liked making it an all-or-none issue.

    Keep the feedback coming and we’ll keep working. We have pie!

  15. avatar Community Manager says:

    For those who are having an issue logging in with your account, email talk-to-us [at] wowowow.com and we’ll sort out your account.

    Briana Baran, will take a look at your account and get it straightened out so that you keep your original username.


  16. avatar Rho says:

    Me again, the only problem now that I’m having, is I cannot access the website from the old site. It tells me navigation to the site has been canceled. Why is that?? I had to save this page to my favorites, so I could login again.

    • avatar Community Manager says:

      Rho – you probably need to clear your browser’s cache. Simply hold the shift key down and click the reload icon in your browser bar. This should help.

  17. avatar Deirdre Cerasa says:

    Well my account and password did not transfer and each time I go to another article,I have to re-enter my name and password. Not fun. Hopefully , the glitches will be ironed out soon.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. avatar J Holmes says:

    Like the new look. Will Liza still be a contributor? I miss not seeing her clever cartoons.

  19. avatar Lengfaerie says:

    I am truly not trying to be difficult, but this has been a disaster for me. My new account, under Badfaerie, suddenly disappeared completely, nor was I able to log in under my old BrianaBaran account using my old password. When I tried once again to set up a new password, I was informed that the character did not exist. I then tried to set up a new account, which took almost 90 minutes (well, the good news is that this time it did not cause my computer to have a mechanical seizure). Hence, Lengfaerie (please, please, Joni and other WoW staff, leave my new username and account be. I am still me, Briana Baran, and I am not trying to cause any issues for anyone).

    With new account established, I tried to post on another article. The system logged me out. I logged back in, and tried to post on the same article again…and got booted again. Becoming paranoid, I tried another, and was mysteriously logged in, only to be logged out on this one. My brain began to hurt. I could not use the “Contact Us” form…because it repeatedly either logged me out or froze the page, or, just for giggles, told me that the character didn’t exist. It continues in this fashion at present, which is why I am bemusedly posting on this thread.

    My machine is free if viruses, malware, worms and alien probes (having an IT administrator as a spouse is very helpful), and has been running smoothly of late, so it is not the sometimes recalcitrant bit of techno-ugly’s fault. It’s…weird.

    Anyway, I have decided that I emphatically do not want to have my account fixed. Please don’t, as Lengfaerie will suffice for a user-name, and I am officially announcing that I was once Briana Baran on my profile. Also, do reinstate the italics and bold…otherwise I fear that we will have users screaming at each other in all Caps in short order.



  20. avatar Linda Myers says:

    Might take a little adjustment though a nice change!

  21. avatar Lizzie R. says:

    I’m back and that is a huge surprise to me, as all I kept getting was a message that “people of this country are not allowed access to this site”…again “HUH?” I have messed about way too long and finally am here to make my latest comment. Hope it is straightened out soon or we will all disappear out of sheer frustration…sigh!
    Everybody have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    • avatar Deeliteful says:

      I kept getting that same “people of your country not allowed.” I deleted my old saved wOw favorite and went looking for the site another way, found it and now using that one to sign on. Also, do not want my old account re-instated; this is working just fine.

  22. avatar phyllis Doyle Pepe says:

    Message re: our original postings: I certainly hope this will be restored as it, for me, and perhaps for others, is a piece of history, also I have creative pieces and some research that I want to save. Thank you and Happy gobble gobble.

    • avatar Lila Kuh says:

      Phyllis, I second that. I liked having the old postings available.

    • avatar Community Manager says:

      Phyllis and Lila, unfortunately not. Again, since we didn’t bring over all of the articles it meant not bring over all of the comments. It was an all/none type option. The articles we did bring over were done by hand (basically a copy/paste of those articles).

      • avatar kermie says:

        CM–The last two years are entirely gone? Really, all of it?

        Hmm. that is kind of freeing, actually. I like it. Decluttering the internet. There are some people I will really miss though–maybe they’ll come back someday.

        Bold move. Onward and upward.

        • avatar kermie says:

          I am surprised also, but not as shocked as many, that two years of posts are completely gone. My friend, the comp-sci doc, said she was surprised this site had such a large backlog.

          The majority of online sites delete comments on a regular basis. Maybe wowowow IS looking to liven things up, new people, new advertisers–the economy HAS hit everywhere. Legally, our comments belong to wowowow and they have the right, although I do feel for those who felt they should have been warned.

          I can see both sides of the issue. The last time the website changed format the comments weren’t deleted, so we didn’t expect it this time.

          • avatar kermie says:

            What matters to me is that we care about each other. We come back on a weekly basis and see familiar names and give a damn about the people we see. I DO miss the archives. There is nothing I can do about that. Just like my old job, there is nothing I can do except look toward the future. Yes, really, I do equate them. You folks got me through a very difficult time in my life. I will never forget that. Never.

          • avatar Community Manager says:

            Aw shucks Kermie. You’ve always been a joy on the site and make me smile whenever I see your avatar! Glad we were here (and are here) for you in your times of need. Paying it forward!

      • avatar phyllis Doyle Pepe says:

        This is truly upsetting. We should have been told before hand so we could rescue the pieces we wanted to save. You people have a history which is rich if not fascinating and it gets thrown down the drain just in order to have a new format?

        • avatar Lila Kuh says:

          Ditto. And I have been wondering in just what direction you are going with this site, too. If it’s supposed to be aimed at intelligent women of a certain age, then there NEEDS to be a variety of fora including politics, world events, and economics. I rarely agreed with Liz Peek, but she was a faithful contributor and the topics that she introduced for discussion were good, serious issues with real impacts on the country. I looked forward to her column and have been waiting to see who will take on the role, but… no one yet.

          Real, intelligent women do not sit around only thinking about fashion, astrology, makeup tricks and liposuction. Yes, those topics enter into women’s lives, but if they dominate, there is something wrong. If you are really taking this site in a new direction, I would like to see it beefed up intellectually.

          Thank God for Liz Smith, Mr. Wow, and Margo, your best and most prolific contributors. I especially love Mr. Wow’s wide variety of topics.

      • avatar phyllis Doyle Pepe says:

        Again I want to voice my outrage at your arbitrary erasing of our past postings. Unfortunately, you say? Where is the integrity of our voices that you once applauded? I have been on this site from its inception and loved going back and rereading some of those voices that were so vibrant, so full of passion; we had wonderful discussions–-we were like a family. Be that as it may, my main beef is that you did not notify us of this change so that we had a chance to recover some of these wonderful writings. These were OUR contributions, our writings! I cannot begin to express my sadness and anger at this decision.

        • avatar Bonnie O says: