And the Winner Is ….

Guess who’s going to see “Sister Act” on Broadway?

Congratulations to the fabulous Kate Lawrence, winner of two tickets to my new show, “Sister Act.” Her answer to wOw’s Question of the Week — What is the one thing you are better at than absolutely anyone else? — amused and inspired us:

The one thing I do better than anyone else is make lemonade. Life has handed me so many lemons that I have become a master mixologist! I can, and have, done it all. I have been homeless on the streets of New York, but I didn’t let that keep me down. As a single mom, I have raised a beautiful son and daughter while working three (and sometimes four) part-time jobs to put myself through college, graduating at the age of 42 with a B.A. and an honors degree, all from my wheelchair. I have been blessed with beautiful children and grandchildren who are strong and independent, and I have great friends, all of whom love me. I have delivered pizzas, been a cab driver, and addressed the U.S. Congress and the state legislature of Arizona. As the big-six-oh bears down on me, I face new challenges every day — but I will continue making lemonade as long as I possibly can.

Congratulations, Kate! And a great big thank you to all the other wOw community members who participated in this program. To view their smart and colorful responses, click here and here.

xo, Whoopi

5 Responses so far.

  1. avatar tnpat says:

    Kate, What a great woman you are! Congrats on your success and I bet there will be much more in store for you and your family. Warmly, Patricia, TN.

  2. avatar Linda Myers says:

    Perfect choice! Have a great time Kate!

  3. avatar Amaterasu says:

    Great choise! Congratulations Kate and many well wishes for your future.

  4. avatar Katiecraft says:

    Thank you so much, I never thought I would win, but I have admired you all for so long that I thought I would like to answer your question!  You, Whoopi, are a true inspiration to women everywhere and I am so humbled by your praise! Thank you again!

    • avatar Linda Myers says:


      You truly are the winner. I hope you have a great night and bring home a life memory! Whoopie is how I found WOW. One of my favorites I have watched for a long time. For all you have gone through and to end up available to receive her tickets was perfect timing!