Calling All Peggy Rometo Fans!

This weekend, experience the magic of wOw’s favorite intuitive healer — in person!

We’re delighted to announce that our Peggy will be lecturing at the prestigious Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York the weekend of August 12th -14th. Course information is below; click here to register.

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Inspired by her book, The Little Book of Big Promises, intuitive healer Peggy Rometo guides us on a journey to uncover our true gifts and potential. Using guided meditations, energy work, and other practices that allow us to tap into our intuition, we identify the big promises we made to ourself and the world all along.Rometo’s Pursuit of Promises process focuses on a sequence of significant events in our life that have helped shape us. Looking at these events and our reactions to them can reveal our promises — promises that outline the intentions, actions, and qualities we are meant to live.

Through this process, we gain insight to achieve new depths of clarity; heal spiritual, emotional, and physical wounds; and break free of old patterns, beliefs, and fears that hold us back from embodying our true self.

In the end, we discover our current promise, which provides us with a plan of action to live an authentic, purposeful life that honors our life’s overarching promise: to share who we are with the world.

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  1. avatar Linda Myers says:

    Wishing you all the best Peggy!

  2. avatar youtiaoas says:

    {w w w }{ b e t t e r w h o l e s a l e r }{ us }

    Dedi cated service, the new style, believing you will love it