First Kiss

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Do you remember your
very first kiss or has
it faded …
First Kiss

I ran into my first love on the streets of
Sweet love from decades
Forty years.
He was elderly – “Sheila,” he said
“Oh my God.”
He was my very first tongue kiss
My rubber band braces snapped
And almost blinded him
During spin-the-bottle in –
Elaine Zeckendorf’s mothy closet
(Does anyone use mothballs anymore?)
Memory so clear
Forty years ago
A moment
And there he was
Forty years in snap crackle
And here he was
And we exchanged
Dr. Lawyer Indian Chief me – him
Solomon Grundy born on Monday
Wednesday’s child is full of woe
And then gone
down the cement block
I turned back to catch the
He was gone
My heart pounding hard a blueprint
And I knew
I had been there

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