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Bestselling author Mireille Guiliano graces web pages from France Today to Pinterest with her style, wit and wisdom.

We hope you enjoy these latest gems from and about our dear friend!

Spiced Chocolate Mousse

A delightful recipe from French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook.  Mireille Guiliano wrote the ultimate non–diet book with Why French Women Don’t Get Fat, on how to enjoy food and stay slim, that sparked a worldwide publishing phenomenon. Now, in her first-ever cookbook, she provides her millions of readers with the recipes that are the cornerstone of her philosophy—mouthwatering, simply prepared dishes that favor fresh, seasonal ingredients and yield high satisfaction.

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Mireille Guiliano on Pinterest

If you love Mireille’s advice on living a wonderful life, you will certainly enjoy her collection on Pinterest.  From Food & Drink, Favorite Places, Style & Fashion to Books, you will soon become addicted to ‘liking’ her pins and wanting more!

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Mireille’s Musing: Iconic Fashion Colors in Paris

No one has more style than Mireille!

Well, so far we have not had many spring days in the “City of Light”… a few sunrays and a couple of days of blue sky here and there, while, still too cold to store the winter coat and wear light outfits.

Wow, you probably know by now that most French women have seen little light or sun in the past six months. Not good for the morale or for eating well or being bien dans sa peau.

But rest assured the “white” thing is coming as every end of spring white becomes exciting again and designers certainly have given us a few new choices.


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Mireille Guiliano – An Idea Entrepreneur

When Frenchwoman Mireille Guiliano was a girl, she spent a year abroad in the United States, during which time she gained so much weight, that her father, upon her return, greeted her by saying she looked like, “un sac de patates,” or, a bag of potatoes. After putting on even more pounds in her first semester of college, a doctor set her on the right path by having her eat seasonal foods in moderation, and to focus on the pleasure of eating.

Later, she became a spokesperson, executive and CEO for champagne maker Clicquot, and people would always ask her how she could make food and wine the center of her life and yet remain thin. The answer — that French women don’t get fat — eventually became the subject of her New York Times number-one bestseller by the same name.


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