Julie Morgenstern Brings Us Cold Cash: Organizing Your Fridge

Organizing expert Julie Morgenstern reveals how to save money by cleaning up your icebox

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According to a recent report by the National Resources Defense Council, the average American throws away about a pound of food a day – 33 pounds a month, 400 pounds a year. Add it all up? Over the course of one year, we toss 34 million tons of food. Thirty-four million tons!

Setting aside serious questions about waste and hunger, be honest: How many times have you let meat go bad? Or forgotten about a fridge drawer full of vegetables? Or just overestimated your family’s ability to eat a vat of chili? It happens. Researchers say the 33 pounds we toss each month is worth about $40 per person, which means if you have a family of four, your household is effectively setting fire to $160 a month.

When it comes to food consumption, we reach for what we see – organize your fridge to make what you have obvious and accessible. Try these strategies to make sure you use what you buy: Click here to read the strategies on the Beyond Today blog


New York Times bestselling author Julie Morgenstern is an organizing and time-management expert, business productivity consultant and speaker. Her company, Julie Morgenstern Enterprises, is dedicated to using her philosophies and methods to provide a wide range of practical solutions that transform the way people and companies function.

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